Hyun Bin Holds 2019 Fan Meeting in Hong Kong

I love Hyun Bin but my poor Binnie got hit with a three-fer this weekend in Hong Kong. He was there for a fan meeting with lots of HK viewers who are fans from his dramas and movies, the most recent being Memories of Alhambra and The Negotiation respectively. Binnie was of course happy to be there but the press captured some really awful visuals, from serious intense face at the airport to awful monochrome dressing at the press conference and finally some dreadful non-glamour shots at the fan meeting itself. I almost want to activate my fangirl mode like Deok Mi does in tvN drama My Private Life and go snap pictures of Binnie and expertly edit it to perfection as befits his visage. Still, it’s always a pleasure seeing him out and about and I hope his quick jaunt to Hong Kong was rewarding.



Hyun Bin Holds 2019 Fan Meeting in Hong Kong — 12 Comments

  1. I want to see these ‘dreadful non glamour shots’ of HB -where are they? The man is 24/7 walking perfection. He couldn’t do ugly even if he tried as his face won’t allow it. I guess we need more hideous photos of HB to make the comparison. Until these he is an Adonis. Too handsome for his own good. ❤️

  2. I think he is tired. He somehow lost his poise. HB is also a non-fussy guy. Somebody has to dress him up. There are actors who really need fashion/image consultants for functions they attend.

  3. I love Binnie too. He did look better in the airport shots for Japan & Taiwan fan meets. Can’t deny he looked tired and a tiny bit haggard for the HK leg. All he needs is a good fashion stylist and hairstylist to look good and fresh. Binnie was cool and suave at the Baeksang Awards 2 weeks ago. I truly hope he’s not a smoker or drinker in real life as cigs and alcohol can really age a person’s face. Binnie, please rest well, have enough sleep, exercise, eat healthy and get a new spiffy haircut.

  4. His my first Korean actor that I admire the most,ilove him so but I don’t know his ig account Good Luck oppa God Bless you ???

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