TW-actor Joseph Chang Revealed to Have Married Non-celeb Girlfriend in 2018 and Has Baby

It’s weird that all the TW-actresses who have gotten married in recent years from Ariel Lin to Sonia Sui to Cheryl Yang to Ady An to Ruby Lin have all done so publicly whereas their male counterparts have been not only under the radar but also hiding it. We’ve got another secret married one to add to the list as news reported and later confirmed that Joseph Chang of Drunken to Love You fame is married to a non-celebrity girlfriend since last year 2018 and the two even have a little baby already. Nothing wrong with marriage and parenthood but I wish they didn’t feel the need to hide it even if they don’t need to welcome the media to their wedding. Also hiding their marriage and having a baby until long after the fact are Kingone Wang, Mike He, and Bobby Dou. Dudes, your fans don’t care, just live openly and also congrats and enjoy happy married lives!


TW-actor Joseph Chang Revealed to Have Married Non-celeb Girlfriend in 2018 and Has Baby — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats to him and Kingone! Known both actors from Drunken to Love You (love this show). I’m happy to see them getting settled and build a family. I hope Rainie will follow soon.

  2. You need to mention one more actor – that is Wallace Chung. He is from HK & married a Taiwanese designer wife.

  3. If they all married non-celebrities, it seems possible the “secrecy” is out of respect for the wishes of their wives and their wives’ families, whose wishes and preferences should definitely carry more weight than that of fans.

  4. I still remember after the drama Drunken to love you hit the fame. Reporters continuously harassed Rainy and Joseph. Going worsen until to the point Rainy had to warned the reporters to stop the speculation.

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