Jeon Ji Hyun Rocks the 80’s Power Suit Dress with Boss Sunglasses Look at Gentle Monster CF Event

Stars truly can pull off more fashion looks that average people and the latest case in point is K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun piling on two strong looks and pulling it off. Jeon Ji Hyun was out in Seoul this weekend at the Gentle Monster CF event for sunglasses. She wore a black and white checkered asymmetrical button close collarless suit dress with power shoulder pads. It was straight out of 80’s era Working Girl but she looked only fab instead of froo froo. The over-sized sunglasses complemented the look making her seem like some chaebol boss lady who owns the department store the event was held at just power walking through to make sure everything was in place.

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Jeon Ji Hyun Rocks the 80’s Power Suit Dress with Boss Sunglasses Look at Gentle Monster CF Event — 8 Comments

  1. Here’s the thing about JJH, she would most likely be this confident and alluring if she were a non-celebrity working as an office manager in Hoboken, New Jersey. She’s one of the few korean actresses I shamelessly stan.

  2. Who would know that she was married, a Mum of two and still rocking it strong in the K ent industry. I salute you JJH goals for life❤️

  3. Now this is an actress that exudes movie star vibe all arpund her, and she still has that girl-next-door charm. She is effortlessly chic that she basically needs to do nothing to command attention. Of all the 3 most raved beauty in Korea (along with SHK and KTH), i think JJH is the ultimate goddess. Beauty is not just about appearance, beauty is confidence.

  4. Agree she’s the ultimate goddess possessing unrivaled star power, successful career, natural beauty and loving affluent family – she is everything any girl could dream of!

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