Police Find 3 Instances of Seungri Soliciting Prostitution for Himself as Investigation Continues

The police investigation into the Burning Sun Scandal, Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and the related violence, drug use, prostitution, bribery, and hidden camera sex recording crimes continue onward. It’s been two months and I worry that the public is starting to move on, and that’s the baddies winning by dragging their feet so public anger dissipates and the collective interest moves on to the next shiny thing. Public scrutiny almost got side tracked last month with news that heiress Hwang Hana and her former fiancee fallen idol Park Yoochun used drugs together, and her involvement with Burning Sun people. But those two have pleaded guilty so let’s keep our eyes on the ball with BC and Seungri because there is so much graft and criminal misconduct in that shitstorm still, with the latest news that Seungri didn’t just line up prostitutes for his rich overseas investors but police have confirmed 3 instances where Seungri used prostitutes himself. Like, barf. Please issue the arrest warrant and toss him in the slammer while you keep investigating.


Police Find 3 Instances of Seungri Soliciting Prostitution for Himself as Investigation Continues — 10 Comments

      • Lmao his fans should become prostitutes so they could have a chance with their manwhore oppar

      • @prettyautumn…damn, that’s pretty harsh to say…I’m not a fan of his but telling his fans to become prostitutes…yeah…would never want to wish that upon anyone.

      • yes he does have fans still and it’s just gross and they’re ex-friends who still say he’s innocent until proven guilty and apparently think it’s a smear job – vomit

  1. Uhm not surprised at all he will not go to jail. Even park shi hoo, kim hyu joong,lee min ki all of them are rapist they still have fans and can comeback with drama and movie. So oppa was innocent and never do wrong. Look at his face, he was smiling and confidence with all crime that he does. Next month he will go to military service or public service.

  2. He should have gone to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia, Greece, etc where prostitution is legal. xD

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