Suzy Pretty in Sunglasses and Summer Whites in Carin CF

The season is now late spring heading into early summer and K-actress Suzy is pairing up two essential items for the next few months. In the latest Carin sunglasses brand CF, she’s wearing whites and lots of cool aviator lightweight colorful shades. The white suit and satin dress are both to-do-for wardrobe items and looks especially cool when she’s wearing it paired with the chic sunglasses and a head full of mussed hair. I don’t think she’ll have a chance to be this girly for her upcoming SBS drama Vagabond when she plays a government agent partnering up with Lee Seung Gi to investigate a conspiracy but I’d rather she get all serious and gritty and leave the pretty for the CF occasions.


Suzy Pretty in Sunglasses and Summer Whites in Carin CF — 4 Comments

    • Lol. For some reasons, the editorial pics always like featuring women with half open mouth. They think it’s exotic and sexy. In contrast, I loath it so much, giving so much of a sexed up look. Yikes

    • I was once shooting some shots for a photobook for a girl and she while posing couldn’t close her mouth. I wanted different expressions but the hell no way to do so. It’s a habit of some models, but here like @Alexa told I think it’s just editorial picking, because I saw other pictures of Suzy with different expressions.

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