New Wed-Thurs Dramas Premieres with Angel’s Last Mission: Love and Spring Night Both Weak on Arrival

The Wed-Thurs prime time drama slot continue to be so far off the heyday of ratings it’s not even entertaining anymore to keep track of the abysmal numbers. There were two dramas that premiered the same week which usually yields an interest in which won the night but here’s it’s like watching two people weakly slapfight. KBS fantasy drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love (Dan, Only Love) came out on top with a measly 7.3% in episode 1 and 7.7% in episode. It lead the night over the other newcomer Spring Night at 3.9%, 6.0% for episodes 1, 2 and the next night 3.6%. 5.6% for episodes 3, 4. Both outclassed the SBS remake of Absolute Boyfriend bring in absolutely dreadful averages of 2.5% through 6 episodes now. I haven’t watched Angel yet but Spring Night is just dullsville from color to character personalities to story line. It has the PD Ahn aura with nothing to hook a viewer. If Angel turns out worth watching that’ll be a blessing otherwise it’s a wash for the time slot in the next two months.


New Wed-Thurs Dramas Premieres with Angel’s Last Mission: Love and Spring Night Both Weak on Arrival — 46 Comments

  1. I’m liking the Spring Night. It’s slowness and “boring” look for some. It makes me giddy and just after the two episodes, I’m excited for the next. <3

    • I love the slowness of Spring Night as well and I’m glad I decided to ignore biased opinions and give it a try. The dialogues, music and scenes are all tastefully done. I can already feel the chemistry between the leads and it feels organic. The dad is annoying and I don’t want him to ruin things.

  2. Angels last Mission and Absolute Boyfriend are both good shows on their own. Angels Last Mission, Shin Hye Sun is killing it in her role, glad that it is doing well. I slightly prefer that one. Spring Night will have to start.

  3. I must be a boring person cause I prefer spring night, I must say I like the PD’s aura, I like his calm and realistic cinematography, but what I don’t like is his overuse of songs(not incidental). I hope this time the writing is good, at least until now it is.

    But I’m glad that Angel’s last mission is winning (not for much, though) because I love ShinHyeSun, that girl can act. Sad that I didn’t like the story in the first episode and I think the male lead needs more training, it’s not bad, but he’s lacking.

    • Me too I must be boring as well because Spring Night hooked me from the opening scene itself. Angel is also very good so I’m lucky to have 2 very good dramas to enjoy on Wed-Thurs which is far from being a wash out.

  4. I think I will like the banter between the cute angel and the cold princess, but I’m not interested in the plot with the fondation, the awful aunt, etc.

    I loved the One Spring Night’s episodes. The dialogues felt so real. I couldn’t help myself to smile watching Ha Ji Min and Jung Hae In’s scenes 🙂

    Absolute Boyfriend is funny too. Yeo Jin Goo as a robot works fine. But I don’t like robot-human love story…

  5. I am enjoying Absolute Boyfriend so far. The acting is ok with some funny moments. Just curious how the story will differ from the original anime because its ending won’t be pleasant… I may check out the Angel’s last mission but not Spring Night coz it sounds like a snooze fest especially I don’t like JHI. Is PD Ahn using old cringey songs again? Zzzzzzz…..

    • Spring Night is honestly very good not a snooze fest at all. Give it a try because everyone is very refreshingly honest and straightforward. I’m surprised by how much I liked it because I hated all his previous works.

  6. I think you got the wrong numbers for Angel’s Last Mission Love. The ratings was ep 1&2 7.3 & 9.2 ep 3&4 6.6 & 8.6

  7. I’m watching Angel for Shin Hye Sun and is enjoying it so far. She’s really good. L’s acting isn’t quite at her level yet but he isn’t too bad either, ok at least he’s cute lol! I don’t like the bad aunt plot too but I will watch it for the cute angel and cold girl, they have got some chemistry that I can feel.

    Not watching One Spring Night because I don’t like JHI. Not watching Absolute Boyfriend because I’m sick of robot story. Solely my personal preference.

  8. It’s really just the sign of the times. TV ratings shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. Dramas are available on a lot of streaming sites and I guess many prefer binge watching these days.

    • They will not adjust der timeslot if it doesnt matter, sad to say still is,especially the primetime, those are the expensive timeslot for ads, and they badly need it.

  9. I like spring night even though the storyline is very slow, and I thought I would see something like ane no kekkon vibe, but it seems like I just got something in the rain. lol,
    besides the sound track that is not fit (I think),i think I will continue to the next episode

  10. One spring night is not for everyone. To each his own. But i loved the 1st 2 episodes. It has that raw, realistic vibe and i am enjoying it. I liked fantasy romcoms too but i prefer to watch once all episodes are done. HJM and JHI just makes me smile when they are together. Also, OSN is at an earlier timeslot and streaming on netflix too.

  11. I don’t like the way koala judges dramas with ratings, I guess ratings are important to you but I think we’ve all come to a point in watching kdramas where ratings shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Having bad ratings doesn’t mean the show is bad…

    • I agree especially when ALL shows are pulling in bad ratings then you need to judge them within the context. You can’t judge them on a historical basis because times have changed and so have tv consumption patterns.

  12. Angel and Spring Night are not even timeslot rivals anymore. MBC is now airing dramas at 8:55-10:05 pm, which means there’s only a 5-minute overlap with the KBS/SBS dramas, and a 35-minute overlap with the TVN dramas.

    • Rating still matter, thats why they are adjusting the showtime,sbs have future plans to change too, only kbs said no immediate change, but will consider too

  13. Koala kindly check your facts before posting news. Angel’s mission love had 7.3 and 9.2 for first episode, and 6.6,8.6 for second, which isn’t that bad for these days standards.:/ You just had to pour water on our enthusiasm. :/ And those who keep dissing L, watch the drama before you comment. Everyone including netizen has been praising his acting. Seriously this website is like the hotspot for criticism these days.

    • Finally I watch Angel. It’s great. Very entertaining, I like it so far. L is very handsome as always, I like his acting but tbh he is not as great as SHS which is the truth. I don’t see too many people dissing L here, only @Tiani has a problem which is not uncommon. Chill. Fake praises are worst than honest opinions ?

    • I think you are the one who not watch the drama. Of course we need to watch the drama first than we will now how bad he was. L is bad and the CG is bad too (not enough budget I think) but still, Shin Hye sun is amazing. Really a great actress, I like her ?

      • L is far from being bad. He isn’t great but he never has been so that isn’t the problem. He doesn’t need to be amazing because he is fulfilling the character just fine till now. He has great chemistry with SHS and is actually a good contrast to her cold character. The drama is beautiful and amazing. Both the new shows that debuted are so far absolutely brilliant.

      • He is in the level when His face need to save his acting (so its still unbearable). Its such a pity because SHS giving her best. Judge from your comment, look like you didnt want to hear bad review from your fav drama. You’re being biased.

      • @Tiani – I think you are the biased one. This is very obvious because you are the only one here who says L is bad. He is not as good as SHS but he is far from being called “bad”. Of course your taste can be different. But you do not need to repeat so many times to the point of annoyance when no one else is agreeing with you and no one ever will. LOL.

      • @candycane Lol I can repeated as much as I want. I see the others just busy talking about how cute he is or how handsome he is. Its mean his visual just save his acting. LOGIC

      • @Tiani – of coz you can repeat, it is just annoying. No visual can save one’s acting. Suzy is a good example. Your logic is incorrect.

      • @Tiani – hahaha… I don’t believe you, give me his number if you know him.

      • @Lanana – do you really think @Tiani will listen to you? Who do you think you are here? hahaha… I don’t think you know how to READ people here. Anyways, I like your suggestion. It is not nice to be chased by a dog, and it is worse to be policed by another dog as well.

  14. This year , i didn’t have a drama wich hooked me until now . I’m finishing Inspector labor Jo,watching Abyss, dropped Her private life, and others…to the point that i’m afraid of begining a new drama . ANGEL ?sPRING NIGHT ? …and this week i began watching a chinese drama “Le coup de foudre” for the 1st time of my life !

  15. I don’t think the ratings these days reflect the quality of the shows. Family dramas, procedurals and thrillers generally bring in higher ratings but it isn’t indicative of quality. It is sad that in just 2-3 years the ratings have just evaporated for public tv but look at cable even that is doing poorly right now. Even actresses like Park Minyoung and Park Boyoung are barely getting 2-3% which is not considered good ratings for cable anymore. They are average ratings and Save Me 2 is not even breaking 2% despite having so many chungmroo actors. I don’t know what determines quality but ratings is not a reliable judge of it anymore. Its just one part not the whole picture.

    • Its mean Park minyoung and Park boyoung cant bring rating, the script is boring. I dropped private life and not interisting with abyss (already watch the first ep).

      • With PMY I agree she can’t bring ratings unless she has a big name actor opposite her but PBY had bad scripts last time as well but still had amazing ratings. This time maybe her luck ran out or her male lead is just that bad.

      • PBY has been playing the same type of character for awhile. She needs to switch.

      • I don’t think AHS is lead material yet, he is super stiff. Better to go back to supportive roles for a while longer…. I dropped Abyss already. The drama is a disappointment! I dropped My Private Life as well, the drama is plain boring. PMY acts the same, boring. KJW is very charming but the plot is empty, I really cannot stand such boring drama. smh.

      • @pony if that actor can bring rating, the first ep need to be high.
        @irene switch with what character? She already take various role, if we counted her movies too.
        @candycane lol I dont have problem with AHY’s acting, the problem in the script. Different opinion… again

  16. I don’t like JHI but I love Han Ji Min and her performance so much, so will watch this drama for her. Fighting Han Ji Min and One Spring Night.

  17. At First I’m watching One Spring Night because of Han Ji Min. But Unfortunately although its now episode 3, I don’t like KDramas with just a Common and Boring with NO TWIST of on its plot. I’m also a Book reader, that’s why i’m so used to this kind of drama. I can even consider Absolute Boyfriend, Since although I know It’s story point of view because it is an LIVE IN-ACTION Series of Anime Mangga, I can just give it a chance because of its twisting plot.,

    For Now I Therefore realized that I as a busy person should not spent my time watching KDramas with just a straight on line plot, since it can just kill your time, althought They have a good actress&actors I am also a type of person who should next time read the backcover of a book before reading the book..

    •So for now i’m watching Absolute Boyfriend&Angel’s Last Mission: Love.(I changed to ALML from OSN)

    •Since I’m a type of person that want plot twist within its story.


    (I can even consider COMMEDY-ROMANCE ,although its common instead of a Romance ONLY Drama.)

    Straight On Line dramas is like NO TENORS and NO ALTOS Voicing in a 4voices choirgroup/SATB

    • yes I really enjoy Angel’s so far. SHS rocks 🙂 The two male actors are good too 🙂 Don’t like the evil aunt but she is so stupid that she is making a fool out of herself always which makes me happy. Is the second male lead also an angel?

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