K-actor Kang Ki Young Gets Married to Non-celebrity Girlfriend

There are some actors and actresses who may not be famous by name but are famous by face. That’s the hallmark of a successful character actor who completes any drama or movie by bringing to life a crucial supporting role. K-actor Kang Ki Young has been one of the most successful character actors currently working in K-dramas for the young man roles. He’s done 18 dramas in 5 years since his debut in 2014 with a bit part in High School King of Savvy and then plenty of memorable screen time in high profile dramas like W: Two Worlds, While You Were Sleeping, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and Terius Behind Me. I see a leading man role for him one day but he’s taking another big step this weekend by getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend of 3 years. He released two cute wedding pictorial shots where her face is obscured but you can totally see the comfortable affection between the couple. Congrats!


K-actor Kang Ki Young Gets Married to Non-celebrity Girlfriend — 8 Comments

  1. Congrats, that’s a really cute picture. I didn’t realize King of High School was his first role. He really left his mark.

  2. Love these pictures, their body chemistry screams ❤️❤️❤️. I love him as an actor too. As a character actor he always does justice to his roles. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Congratulate! I enjoyed your role in what’s wrong with secretary kim. You did it so marvelously well !

    I didn’t know that supporting roles are very crucial to the success of the drama until you came in and proved it

    I wish that supporting roles like you are paid well!

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