C-actress Liu Tao Parlays 2019 Cannes Fashion Win into Even More Alluring Styles

I thought C-actress Liu Tao was just super on point at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival but girl was packing heat for the entire soiree and then some with much aforethought. With Fan Bing Bing out for the count due to her high profile tax evasion scandal, the top C-actress mantle was open for the taking and even if the spot wasn’t definitively crowned it was smart to make a splash on the red carpet and beyond. Liu Tao has been on a roll since she made a splash in the white beaded gown at Cannes and she’s since followed up in a variety of looks from even more pure white, to green, and floral, and even black but all looks that are chic and fashionable in a way that Korean actresses just haven’t been able to pull off with their penchant for black and white boring styles. If Liu Tao wins the fashion derby this year she totes deserves it!

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C-actress Liu Tao Parlays 2019 Cannes Fashion Win into Even More Alluring Styles — 6 Comments

  1. I like all her dresses here EXCEPT the floral & green dresses. It’s very smart of her to attend Cannes Film Festival this year.

  2. She’s literally my fave c actress. She knows well what wear at her age, to look mature and still still fashionable. She’s really gorgeous. Most of her dramas got high ratings and she’s one of rating goddess in cdrama.

    And she has a lot of friends, from ger earlier career until now. No many gossip of her.

    Jie, you’re the best!

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