YG Entertainment CEO Reportedly Provided Escorts Back to Overseas Investors

Like, this is the least surprising new revelation in the Burning Sun and Seungri scandal now going on three months. Seungri is a member of Big Bang which is under YG Entertainment management, but if you believe the lone wolf explanation from YG’s side it was Seungri acting all alone for years and years being a pimp and courting investors for his own personal investments and YG knew nothing about it. This week a TV news show reported that an eyewitness has come forward about a specific night out in 2014 where YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk himself organized a night club event with two super rich Southeast Asian investors and brought in 25 women, including 10 prostitutes working for a brothel YG frequented, to spend time with them. Afterwards each picked ladies to take away and one of the two investors even flew his picks on private jet to Europe. YG is denying this report and says the event was just a gathering and no prostitution took place. M’kay, keep repeating denials and I hope K-ent keeps reporting this broadening case so it doesn’t just get swept away.


YG Entertainment CEO Reportedly Provided Escorts Back to Overseas Investors — 7 Comments

  1. I never trusted this guy whenever he appear on variety shows… I didnt said anything since it was just a feeling/vibe but I wont be surprısed ıf he was in this scandal too -_-

  2. France, concert of Black Pink at Zenith , french reporters were there to cover the phenomen but could’t help to talk about the dark side of this industry ( suicide of one Shinee members, and Seungri) and the non existence of a #me too mouvment in Korea . BTS sold out concert au STADE DE FRANCE … It’s sad because when they asked to the fans what they like about KPOP they answered : great scenic performances, and a more clean image than americans and more enjoyable than french pop wich is more into “commitment”

  3. nothing will happen to him. just like seungri. too many powerfull people behind them. no matter how many victims came out. which is sad

  4. Isn’t that a usual practice in Korea? Look at their dramas.Somehow their dramas depicts the culture and their environment.

    Btw, YG is not the CEO of YG though. He is the major stockholder but not the CEO.

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