Song Hye Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon in Talks to Play Lawyers in KBS Drama Hyena

Woah, this is big potential K-drama casting news and a positive possibility for me. Song Hye Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon are reportedly offered the leads in year end KBS drama Hyena, not to be confused with the same name K-drama from 2006. This Hyena has the two leads playing legal professionals and ones that revolve around them trying to navigate the dicey world of the rich and famous and hows laws apply to them. Song Hye Kyo’s female lead is a scrappy lawyer who finds a way to win at all costs, a wild weed type of character who survives any way she can. Joo Ji Hoon plays a legal star of the greenhouse flower variety, confident and self-absorbed with his abilities. The drama may deal with the law but isn’t a straight up legal drama as it has more of a human element with the two leads. It’s scheduled to air in November 2019.


Song Hye Kyo and Joo Ji Hoon in Talks to Play Lawyers in KBS Drama Hyena — 24 Comments

  1. I was expecting a C-movie but another drama is totally fine with me.
    Btw UAA said SHK hasn’t decided which project she wants to do next but whatever she chooses, I’m already looking forward to it.

  2. I’m okay with this! Just a long it’s not a romance story in disguise.

    It will be refreshing to see two protagonists competing without actually having to fall in love

  3. Huh they cast tax evasion scandal and drug use??Well they match together. I can see knetz already angry with this casting because her mediocre acting in encounter.

  4. I wish she’ll take a different project. Her playing a lawyer may not sit well with her haters because they will surely bring up her tax evasion scandal. Same with the actor who had a worse scandal, drugs and was actually convicted!

    Aigoo. Hye Kyo, choose wisely please! Better do another drama or a movie in China

  5. Nate saying this not me, look how knetz reaction pairing shk and park bo gum they get angry and the rating was flop even get no.4 in kdrama buzz?????. They match well together.

    • Who cares what nate said, she will accept the drama if she like it, if not move on,ur basing it fr a very small percentage of koreans,a place for coward people who leave comments anonymously,just like u, go out more,

  6. Actually would like SHK to do a movie. Haven’t seen her in a movie for awhile.
    But if she picks this drama its alright since its not a romance one.

  7. I love this casting. I think they’re well matched and am looking forward to seeing them together. If the script and directing is good, it may end up being a hit.

  8. He’s courageous after the last disaster… He was unlucky, a bad scenario and a bad actress. Poor him, he had to act with her twice.

    I hope it will be good. SHK is not my favourite actress and I would hope someone else but she’s still better than Jin Se Yun…

  9. really looking forward for this…it’s okay if no romance in the line…if it is song hye kyo…I am automatically in!

  10. This drama titles is hyena:tax evasion and age of drug lord’s. Hahaha I hope both confirm this drama soon they deserve each other.

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