tvN Releases First Teaser for Hotel Del Luna with IU and Yeo Jin Gu

This teaser totally caught me by surprise because I didn’t realize this drama was coming so soon. tvN dropped the first teaser for supernatural Hong Sisters drama Hotel Del Luna with IU and Yeo Jin Gu in a big way by premiering it after the first episode airing of Arthdal Chronicles since it’s taking over that Sat-Sun time slot after. The teaser looks cool, with IU narrating the opening of the titular ghostly inn the Hotel Del Luna (Moon Hotel) against a backdrop of modern day Seoul with it’s bustling traffic and night lights. I think the Hong Sisters remain relevant because they still have that creative streak and attempt to do fresh ideas or something way out there, even if they mostly fail by the end. But it’s still worth checking out so imma book at least two nights in the Hotel before deciding if I want to longstay.

Teaser for Hotel Del Luna:


tvN Releases First Teaser for Hotel Del Luna with IU and Yeo Jin Gu — 5 Comments

  1. YJG is so hardworking. Two dramas in a row. I like both leads. I will check this out ? …. still have reservation about the Hong sisters ?

    • Pretty much 3 dramas in a row actually. He filmed Absolute Boyfriend first, then The Crowned Clown (for a while, he even filmed both dramas simultaneously). Then when The Crowned Clown wrapped up, he immediately started working on Hotel del Luna.

      • oh yes, the CC was amazing, his performance is daebak. YJG totally shines in saguek. AB is an easy watch but overall just so-so and its rating shows. Hope HDL will be better. Agree with @tina that the Hong sisters may need help with writing the ending. LOL.

  2. They have such amazing ideas and I always love their shows until the last couple episodes, its like they don’t know how to wrap up a show at all. Can they please hire someone else to write the endings from now on. That being said this sounds so cool and the teaser is beautiful!

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