Former KAT-TUN Member Taguchi Junnosuke Prostrates Himself After Marijuana Arrest

Well this is certainly very very over-the-top. Japanese actor and singer Taguchi Junnosuke, best known for being in boy band KAT-TUN, was arrested last week along with his actress girlfriend Komine Rena for possession of marijuana. He’s been in jail for the past week and was released today from custody and the media was waiting outside for him. Upon stepping out of the police station, he full on yelled an apology, then got down on his knees before completely bowing with his head on the ground for a good 15 seconds in abject apology. All this for pot use, bro really needs to live in the US. Not condoning any drug use in Japan since everything is still illegal there but goodness seeing so many other stars in recent months committing way worse infractions, makes Junnosuke look like he’s overreacting and should just bow low standing up and then go reflect.


Former KAT-TUN Member Taguchi Junnosuke Prostrates Himself After Marijuana Arrest — 9 Comments

  1. I read that as he castrates himself. I’m like, “huh? Why would he do that for drugs?”

    Anywho, good luck to him.

  2. Different countries different cultures…if only the Korean stars would admit to their mistakes and own up to them and apologise..

  3. Whilst in England, even MPs have taken cocaine. It’s the norm……..Just as long as it’s not opium………

  4. All this seems so fake to me. They apologize because they get caught. Different cultures. Buying drugs is illegal but in France a lot of stars admit to have taking it and trying to stop by going into desintox. The same goes for depression,…I find it more natural . It’s life nobody is perfect they can make mistakes

  5. It’s japanese thing. People (especially his fans) may not think that he really regret or reflecting on his mistake seriously if he didn’t do “dogeza”. I guess if he only bow (even while crying), his fans will not forgive him, but dogeza will do.

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