Suzy Ravishing in Modern Vintage in New Sunglasses CF

The June gloom seems to have finally lifted where I live which means the sunglasses need to come out as early as 9 am to ward off the extra bright rays. K-star Suzy is showcasing a variety of new styles in her sunglasses CF this month, and the looks are all very re-imagined retro. There’s pops of 70’s and 80’s in the clothing, cuts, and color but still fresh and easy to wear today. She really does many items look good when she does a CF, it’s more than just being a pretty face she has to convey the aura of “you can look good in this, too!” approachable dream and she does so here effortlessly.


Suzy Ravishing in Modern Vintage in New Sunglasses CF — 6 Comments

  1. She’s perfect from head to toe omg. Even her acting is lackluster, I still watches her dramas because of her presence and face..such an eye-candy. <3

  2. She really has an extra-ordinary aura. Her face is so versatile. she can be sweet and innocent one moment and for a second can be elegant and sexy. Her power being a cf queen is really strong. I wish we can see Suzy’s beauty more. Variety shows misses her a lot.

  3. Suzy’s the kind of beauty that may not be “striking” and look “basic” to some because of her soft features i guess, but her look is something that you will never get tired of looking at. Kinda reminds me of Song Hye Kyo and Yoon Eun Hye.

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