Kim Soo Hyun Lands First Endorsement Deal for DPC Skincare Three Weeks Prior to Military Discharge

There have been a handful of big name K-actor military discharges in the first half of 2019 including Lee Min Ho and Ji Chang Wook but this one will be the most high profile among the industry production and veterans. Kim Soo Hyun will be finished with his military service on July 1 and his return has all the pundits eager to see which drama or movie he selects as his first project. It’s the outlier that his last work before enlisting was the clunker movie Real but he’s got two hit movies with Secretly, Greatly and Thieves and three hit dramas The Moon Embracing the Sun, You From Another Star, and Producer under his belt within a 5 year time frame. He’s coming back to K-ent with his first new endorsement already signed, being the new face of DPC skincare. It won’t be a surprise of some of his prior endorsements will also pick him up where he left off, such was his name recognition and popularity. I’m majorly curious what he picks first for acting for sure, it’s a new world out there and Kim Soo Hyun 2.0 himself Park Bo Gum is playing in the same boy next door space.


Kim Soo Hyun Lands First Endorsement Deal for DPC Skincare Three Weeks Prior to Military Discharge — 7 Comments

  1. Looking forward to see him pair with Park Shin Hye in a drama or movie, or both. Yes! Love the way he handles his carrier.

  2. I can’t wait to scream loudly “welcome back honey!” lmao…

    Well, he’s one of my fave k actors… So, please comeback with a great drama.

  3. Other than Real, he’s literally not had a single misstep in this entire career. Every drama he was lead in had high ratings and was popular (Dream High, MoonSun, YFAS, Producer). His movies did amazing too. He generally knows what projects to pick and he tries to do something different most of the time.

    I really liked him back then. I still do. I hope he picks an interesting drama. It’s been a while. 4 years since producers. It’s about time.

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