TW-actor Jasper Liu Back to Boy Next Door Heading to Milan for Fashion Show

TW-actor Jasper Liu (Liu Yi Hao) was snapped at the airport this week heading to Italy for a fashion show at the invitation of a couture house. It’s truly incredible how far this young man turned solid leading actor has come in his nearly decade long career. Starting out as a model thanks to his height and versatile looks, he’s come leaps and bounds since a bit part in his first role for In Time With You. His last two years has been a hot streak since the movie Take Me to the Moon which made him super popular in South Korea as well, and now he’s showing me impressive acting improvement in just premiered TW-drama Before We Get Married. He is so restrained and believable as the near sociopathic and utterly compelling asshole male lead, I love his performance so much and cannot stop watching him onscreen. And then I see him in person again like these airport pictures and he’s back to being the big dorky sweetheart that he is.


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  1. But he’s actually widely known in China and Taiwan recently because of the Korean remake movie , this movie grossed 953 million box office in China, topping the charts for consecutive 10 days, becoming the highest grossing tw-movie in mainland China. It’s also the highest grossing tw local movie last year, and highest grossing Asian movie in Singapore for 2018 even though it was released end of last year.

    His looks for this movie is also vastly different, sporting long locks and beard, he really came far. I love his performance in Before We Get Married, Chu Kehuan is such an asshole but you just can’t help to feel attracted to??? His gaze acting whenever Wei Wei appears is very good.

      • Thank you for the information! I knew “More Than Blue” was a success but I didn’t know it was that huge. It is nice to hear that Liu Yi Hao has come far and that his acting has improved. I didn’t think he was that good in “Pleasantly Surprised” but I started to see improvement from “When I See You Again”. He has a nice off-screen personality. I saw him and Sakuraba Nanami on “a date” in 天天向上 recently. He seems like a really nice guy. Very gentleman-like. They looked compatible together. 🙂

  2. He wasn’t that good in Pleasantly Surprised, even he himself said so. He said it was his first lead role in a “major network” drama (not counting past 2 dramas prior to this) and one with lots of reporter facing promotions and he was at loss. He was like a shy boy back then but now, he’s covering a lot for Puff (especially because of her dating news with Steven Sun, the 2nd lead of this show), their roles sort of reversed now. They’re really good friends, good to see the friendship going.

    I think he started to really grow after Take Me To The Moon, he started taking roles that’s against the norm, eg: Lost Me Too: Chloe is a hot-tempered artist that’s immature, and then long locks for More than Blue, c-drama Bittersweet Taiwan where it’s a war drama, then Before We Get Married where he plays sort of anti-hero, vastly different from his real life personality.

    As a long time fan of his, I’m just so happy to see his success, this drama is generating lots of buzz in Taiwan and mainland China. He really has great personality, no negative news throughout the years which is quite a feat since tw-paparazzis can be quite aggressive.

    I personally hope some english subbing team picks up his previous drama My Goddess with Annie Chen, it’s such a feel good, healing drama.

    • I’m happy for him and his fans too that he has come a long way. I’m generally happy when a Taiwanese artist is making it big since people have been “looking down” on them and Tdramas since the growth of Cdramas. I’m glad that he hasn’t abandoned Tdramas and gone to China now when his name is bigger. Although I have heard he has left his old company.

      • Truthfully, he isn’t as big in China as compared to in Taiwan but because of the mania level of buzz his recent drama generated, more people know him and his fans have been increasing in triples lately.

        Yup, he left his old company which he stayed for 10 years but he still has works collaboration with them (eg: this italy fashion show is one). He said he’s still finding an agency to work with and have been in touch with them. News report says that at least 5 agencies including mainland agency has contacted him upon the news of his contract ending with his prev agency. He got pretty big in these 2 years.

  3. I’ve put my eyes on him since pleasantly surprise, years ago. And following his projects. And so happy for all his achievements. So i hope he will get more popular. I would like to see him in some Cdramas with popular C actresses.

    I always wonder how Riley, his fellow TW actor and his junior already got many dramas and as lead. So i hope, he will sign with good agency in mainland so he can work there.

    Cant wait for tomorrow’s episode of before we get married. Jiayou!

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