Yeo Jin Gu Tries Hard to Be Awesome Hotel General Manager to IU in New Teasers for Hotel Del Luna

Upcoming Hotel Del Luna is looking better and better with each teaser and preview. Sure I said the same with the Hong Sisters last drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) and it ended up being super fun for the first four episodes before flaming out. What still made it worth watching was how interesting the Sisters world creating was and I’m looking forward to that here. Why is there a hotel for ghosts? What did IU‘s character do in the past to end up an angry bossy ghost hotel proprietress? How does Yeo Jin Gu as a human get recruited to be the GM of a ghost hotel? It’s all so original and the latest two teasers show us Yeo Jin Gu trying to control operating costs and being threatened by boss lady to be zapped away, and then later fainting when he runs into a hotel ghost with long hair, lol.

Hotel Del Luna previews:


Yeo Jin Gu Tries Hard to Be Awesome Hotel General Manager to IU in New Teasers for Hotel Del Luna — 21 Comments

  1. Visually there isn’t much chemistry between the two but the storyline has my attention. A lot of times with Hong Sisters, the story becomes uninteresting after the couple falls in love…let’s hope they come up with something good

  2. The clothes they have given iu are ugly but why does she look like his aunt? Why is he cosplaying as an adult when he looks 16? The plot is unique but the visuals are not a match. They needed an older male actor for this role.

  3. Ouch. Maybe serving in the army might give YJG the onscreen gravitas and maturity he needs. He does look like a teenager cosplaying an adult in these stills. Maybe it might be better if one watches the actual scenes – hopefully. But I agree with everyone sentiments – an older looking male lead is a no brainer.

  4. The more teasers I see for this drama the more I’m convinced YJG should not have been cast for this. There are plenty of more age appropriate actors for this role.

  5. YJG is a great actor but yes, he does seem to lack chemistry with a lot of the female leads he has worked with. I don’t think he has much experience with females in real life so I think romantic roles aren’t his strong suit. But he’s still young and that experience will come but for his acting sake, I hope that experience will come sooner than later. He has great visuals (if a little short by Korean male beauty standards) and the talent is there. He just needs more seasoning.

  6. I am a YeoJinGoo fan. I am totally eager to see this drama and though I am not an IU fan (yet) i will definitely give her my support precisely because they’re in this together..

    As many of u say, there are so many other actors out there.. but why give it to JinGoo? Many also might say he doesn’t look his age and that he actually looks older. But then, does he suddenly look younger now that he’s gotten a bit older and that he’s doing this project? Could it be that he is casted on this particular role because what you’re all saying is precisely what they intend to convey? She is after all a thousand years older than He is in their roles.. so we can expect ‘old-fashioned’ clothes for her while displaying a very sophisticated personality. And from Him, being sort of a young foolish man trying to prove himself as a top-hotelier. And so we can expect some level of silliness from him to draw the line and to magnify the changes later on. The drama hasn’t started, what we’re seeing i believe will be the first few episodes.. and what we can expect, (like from many other dramas), they start awkward and a bit silly then they develop the characters into something deeper..

    I’m sorry for using this avenue to defend JinGoo.. but for all the movies & dramas he delivered to us (that we enjoyed one way or another) i believe he deserves a little more respect than what he’s getting. It’s not like being a pro in sageuks and somewhat ‘rookie’ in romcoms are considered a big crime in the industry nowadays..

    Hey, you don’t need to agree with me.. all i ask is that we enjoy this drama looking through a different lens.. the one that the prod team might have used so that they casted all these actors… they obviously have seen something that we didn’t.. thank you!

    • He has never delivered in romcom isn’t that what everyone is saying. He needs to stay away from those roles till he becomes more mature or manages some real life experience because his acting just doesn’t cut it. His being younger or better actor is not the point since IU is extremely good at romance and dark roles making her multi talented so she deserved a better partner for this drama. Even someone like CEW is a better match for her visually if they needed someone younger but ideally this role belonged to a older actor like LJK or JW. That part is a no-brainer. The good thing is the drama will be focused around IU and the romance won’t materialize until very late meaning we won’t have to see too much of YJG cosplaying as a adult which he clearly isn’t believable at. The Hong sisters will fail at writing a good drama so IU will have to carry this on her popularity, acting and beauty.

      • Oh.. i see.. an Ljk-fan? i understand the bitterness in the statement now but you know what.. NOTHING that ANYONE will and can say will ever convince you otherwise because you have clearly closed your mind to one thing, and that’s fine. But whatever and no matter how long our discussions may go it also changes nothing about the casting, right? It’ll stay the same.. they will go on filming and you may hate it, YJG or me all you want and pour all your bitterness here but guess what? They’re (STILL) all going to be doing what they do best.. and that’s to deliver HDL to us who are eagerly waiting ?? so i guess it’s up to you… watch IU parts i guess, then change channels when Jingoo’s face is on, maybe? That’ll be tiring, though.. cover one part of the screen? ? that might work..
        then again, just remember, hating on someone this much, it’s like drinking your own poison and hoping the other person dies..

      • LOL at least get your username right TROLL! YJG fans are turning out to be big time losers. Can’t even accept what is fact anymore. Literally none of the comments here are saying he is a bad actor just that he doesn’t have right look for romcom acting. This is a fact because he can’t do this genre.

      • @mina.. ok.. sure, whatever makes you happy ? although, calling YJG fans ‘big time losers’ is quite foolish and a very low blow.. i guess giving personal and offensive comments like this remains your only option when there’s no other way to defend your point, right?
        Are you an IU fan, @Mina? Just curious..

  7. What’s with all the dissatisfaction for YJG recently? I’m not even his fan yet (I’m an IU fan), but I feel bad for the guy. He’s a veteran actor at such a young age and extremely talented. Yeah. he looks quite young for this role, but why condemn his acting when the drama hasn’t even started? Sometimes the comments on this site feels like NetizenBuzz but for drama fans lol.

    Anyways, I’m anticipating this drama for the leads, but going in with zero expectations. I hope we’re all pleasantly surprised.

    • I normally give him a pass for his experience but this time the comments feel justified. People have been criticising him for his romantic acting since Reunited World’s but back then he was too young but he still hasn’t improved so I understand the criticism.

      • I see. I’ve only seen his works as a chid actor (and he was great), so I can’t comment on his romantic acting. I was just surprised by the criticism for him because I only remember praises back then. I guess this a reason why some child actors enlist early (i.e. Yoo Seung Ho, Park Ji Bin).

  8. I think IU will look good together with 93 liner actors
    like Yoo seung ho or Seo Kang joon.
    i don’r worry about IU ..
    Yeo Jin Goo is good at acting but i think he lacks something …
    Please writers nim …

    • You’re an IU fan? I am as well, but even as her fan, I know that Yeo Jin Goo is a good actor. I haven’t seen his romcoms, but he was brilliant in The Crowned Clown and Circle. I’d say he’s better than some of the 93-line actors.. don’t kill me fans of those actors haha. I’m excited about this pairing, but I wish they had worked together in another project and not this one. Like many others, I have severe trust issues with these writers.

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