Lee Min Ho Looks Different From Various Angles at Incheon Airport

There’s a modern Chinese saying “zero dead angles” that refers to a star who looks fabulous photographed or filmed from any angle. This is totally a thing because one hears about superstars dictating that photo shoots must only be snapped from a particular angle or flattering side. I think it’s rare to be a star that has zero dead angles, everybody has a less ideal side but with K-stars Lee Min Ho it’s rather polarizing. His fans love him and think that he looks great all the time, any time, and from any angle or shot. His detractors pick on his less flattering shots and call him unattractive, to which I say buh?

Lee Min Ho is objectively a very very handsome man, period, hard stop. He may not be the most handsome among the top echelon of insanely good looking male stars but that’s like saying a I-color diamond is ugly compared to a E-colored diamond when one just needs to say one is slightly better than the other. Anyhoo, this gets me to the media pictures of Lee Min Ho leaving Incheon this week heading to Paris for a fashion show. Some shows are hella handsome but others are just wahhhhhh not so good. Glad Minho-shhi is human too heh.


Lee Min Ho Looks Different From Various Angles at Incheon Airport — 46 Comments

  1. Yes eventho he is not my bias, let’s admit he is handsome. But every Korean actors is handsome for me. ? I think Korean have differnt type. If you watched variety show, they always mentioned wonbin, kdw, PBG, even Gy as their beauty standar, same with SHK and KTH. now I wonder why they never mentioned LMH (I even found many comments saying LMH is ugly, thats kinda weird)

  2. Beauty is in the eye of a beholder.

    He is good looking but only to a certain degree. Somehow the above description of him being a very very handsome man is OTT in my eyes. Not that I hate him or simply want to diss him. My feelings for LMH is simply neutral. At times I do agree that he looks like Kris Jenner.

  3. It is just my opinion. He is a little bit above average. He is not one of the most handsome Asian in my eyes. He looked better couple years ago.

  4. Lmh you are a very handsome guy not only his facial appearance appeal to we his fans but also his nice personality..you can say he is handsome or not that is your opinion,but we his fans love him and that is enough for us

  5. He is handsome. Gorgeous at times and dapper in some. But whatever form of good looking he is, he just doesn’t float my boat.

    But to each his/her own.

  6. He’s good looking but he lacks charisma for me, he’s kinda flat. Woo Do Hwan and Kim Kyung Nam will be more interesting to see in his next drama. KKN was great in his last dramas Come and Hug Me, Where Stars Land or Special Labor Inspector Jo.

  7. Agree with most other commenters.

    Of the many hugely popular, not so popular and rising stars its LMH’s fame thats beyond my understanding.

    I genuinely wonder why he is so popular because i can’t see the charm or screen presence. Just can’t. Sorry fans.

  8. never understood the hype before but, after watching The Heirs and whenever his eyes welled up i totally get why he gets called handsome and in Gangnam Blues, he also was so good and totally had chemistry with Seolhyun. He had the best chemistry with Park Shin Hye in The Heirs and they were so cute during award shows later. He doesnt have chemistry with older or married ladies though. I am not saying he is the best or most handsome. He is enough handsome and enough to be famous than other little actor who are trying break through but cant. He has enough charisma that is why he is on the top. I know many good actors who cant break through though.

  9. He looked his best a few years ago in the drama City Hunter. Now it depends sometimes he has a bloated face.

  10. hey… he is good looking period but not overly handsome and definitely not ugly. in short slighly above average.

  11. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I used to find him handsome, years ago when he was still riding on his BOF/City Hunter/Faith fame. Now, he’s much bigger, his face often looks bloated so I just find him average. I agree with people that he lacks charisma and charm. I understand his fans adoration due to his height visuals and past works, but personally, the newer crop of actors are far more interesting, charismatic and good looking. Here’s looking at you Jang Ki Yong; Park Hyung Sik; Woo Do Hwan et al.

      • aww. totally adore Seo Ji Hoon and he is the best from above mentioned actors. Nam Da Reum and Yeo Jin Goo are my type of actors too. Jang Dong Yoon is totally awesome too, he was so good in a film with Chae Soo Bin.

  12. “A person becomes 10 times more attractive not by their looks, but by the acts of kindness, love, respect, honesty, and loyalty they show.” This is what LMH has cultivated with his fans.

    • I love his drama The Heirs and totally grateful for him and Park Shin Hye to gift us such a drama and they pulled high school children so good and beautiful story and the emotion that run between Eun Sang, Tan and Young Do and every single look was right on point. So many underdog actors came from that drama. I love to rerun anytime.

  13. Wonder if you guys have favorite actors you never lose taste. You are like bunch of people who would toss when they get older or have some bad choices in roles.

    • Tom Hanks is my all time favorite actor. My father rewatches Forrest Gump all the time and I always catch a glimpse of it no matter how busy I am with exams. What do you mean by “taste”? A real actor cannot literally be tasted ? You think it’s candy? Everyone is getting old, only true talent can withstand time. I don’t think this article is referring to acting skill. It’s all about looks. I think you are a bit too defensive on someone getting old and bloated without much real skill to boast.

    • @dramfan – The issue isn’t that LMH is getting old, his bestie Jung Ill Woo is still well liked even after public service despite his relatively poor choices in dramas, and the public still goes ga-ga over Kim Soo Hyun even though he’s still in the military. The issue is that LMH lacks the personality/charm/talent to hold up his fame; and looks can only take you so far before the blinders wear off. I used to compare LMH’s interviews with other artistes. LMH’s comes across as scripted/boring. But with other actors, you easily see their personalities shining through. Knowing a truer version of who your artist is, is what keeps long-term fans, not just what the publicity engine spews out. Plus LMH almost only does big-named dramas only once in a year or less. Eventually, people will get tired of what he has to offer.

    • There are actors who never lose their charms..Sean Connery,Patrick Demsey, the Hong Kong Actors from the 80s Tony Leung, Andy Laura,Sean Laura…Lee Min Ho does not have that charisma to hold your attention long. He was good in Boys over Flowers but The other F4 boys also was head to head with him in terms of the spotlight in that drama. Therefore, ,once he loses his looks, I can see why fans are no longer really wanting more from him.

    • Im still gongyoo’s fan since coffe prince ? and he got hotter. Let’s agree lmh just another trending actor or something. I kinda like him before but Idk why I lost interisting with him.

      • Yes tiabi he is trending aftor for 11 years now. Whereas gong yoo struggled after coffe princr for 7 years lmao. Pbg can never touch lmh success deal with it

  14. The above comments are why you should never just rely on one’s looks to carry you through because as time goes on, the public’s taste changes and there are always more “it” faces waiting in the wings. I feel bad for LMH sometimes because fame and adoration is fleeting. Not saying that he’s a has been but you can tell he is no longer the it boy as he once was. He is still a handsome man by any standards but he’s been replaced by newer faces. This is why sometimes it’s really hard for some male actors to come back from military service. The fickle public moves on to the shinier, prettier, younger thing. I think it would be different if he was a great actor but he’s kind of a one trick pony.

    • Who a new face? they still into wonbin, joinsung, gongyoo, kang dongwon. Knetz even called junghae in ugly, same with park seojoon. I think the most new one is park bogum but he is not that new anymore. He’s no longer ‘it’ boy too

      • JHI is definitely below below average, short and not handsome (not to the point of ugly but I won’t turn my head). PSJ has his charm if in the right genre. WB is definitely gorgeous. GY second. I don’t see anything wrong with that list. It’s a matter of perception. New Face is CEW whether or not you will agree. JKY is charming & he is second on my list. L is third. Just my opinion 🙂

      • I don’t see cew as an actor yet, he’s still an idol for me, he have the same image with L in the past. And yes there’s nothing wrong with the list, actually they are my type ? Its because partyline said “public’s taste changes”

    • @candycane CEW is clearly not the new face. In idol males, yes he is. But for actors? Nobody sees him as the it actor. It’s the same for L.

      I prefer JHI who is really great in acting, he’s killing it in One Spring Night. He’s handsome for me, cute and sexy at the same time. He’s not very tall but he’s not short, he’s like SJK.

    • Well let’s wait on the drama or future projects. I am sure he will be acting and living well for a long time.

  15. Don’t find him good-looking now. City hunter was his peak.
    But he’s obviously doing well. A KES drama will get all the hype back on him.

  16. is he unfortunate looking ? No is he my cup of tea ? No. the only dramas i’ve watched of his were BOF and the Heirs, the latter to which i thought he was waaay past that age to be in such dramas. For me actors make or break a drama and they determine wheher i watch or not. i can’t go through a whole drama regardless of the story line e=if the actor or actress isn’t for me. Examples of such actors for me would be Suzy, Yoona and Lee Minho. you can imagine how upset i was when they casted Suzy in 2 dramas with Lee Seung gi oppa ! for real ?1 i miss him on the screen but cant’t digest Suzy. *the dilemas we face*

  17. He still one of good looking actor but just not my cup of tea. I prefer kim soo hyun acting and face but now we have park bo gum as kim soo hyun 2.0. Park bo gum is the new it boy and i think park bo gum even more famous than both kim soo hyun and lee min ho. Both ksh n lmh are has been actors and they were replaced by newer actors after their military.

  18. Lol koalas lmh post generated so much response. No wonder koala is forced to write about him. Talking about dwindling readers of koala ?

    • I don’t think anyone can force Ms Koala to write about anything. Dwindling readers? Maybe… especially now that Ms Koala no longer write recaps. I have also noticed some artists (Suzy in particular) no longer generate much response anymore. Sometimes C or TW drama articles get more responses from my observation here.

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