Park Min Young Fashionably Adventurous in LA for Marie Claire Korea

Keeping pictorials fresh and pretty must get old for stylists, photographers, and the stars alike, not counting trying to never age. I’m finding actress Park Min Young really on top of her game in visuals these days, whatever she’s done to get and now maintain her whole package is the right sauce I want some of. After wrapping tvN drama Her Private Life, she was in Los Angeles for photo shoots and the result is this colorful and lively Marie Claire Korea pictorial. She’s all over the map in terms of outfits, accessories, and the kaleidoscope of summery colors, makes me want to ramble through the streets and sidewalks of LA sipping an aperol spritz and letting the wind blow through my hair.


Park Min Young Fashionably Adventurous in LA for Marie Claire Korea — 4 Comments

    • Haha. Agree, in terms of PS, hers was done relatively well, sans for nose where the pointy tip is very obvious on one side (think left). Maybe her PS surgeon is a family member / relative as believe her family is in the medical line.

  1. Thanks Koala… She’s so beautiful. I hope she come back with another great project. I want her to be in melodrama. I hope she will reunite with KJW. They had outstanding chemistry.

  2. Wow! She’s so pretty! And I especially like her acting! She makes her male co-star feel so natural and great! This is rare talent!

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