Suzy at Lancome Event and in Talks for Director Late Autumn’s Next Movie

Movies may be K-actress Suzy‘s next stop and she’s got one success and one failure in that medium. She hit it big as the younger role for Architecture 101 but flopped hard when she headlined the sageuk The Sound of a Flower. Today came reports that she’s been offered the female lead in Late Autumn director Kim Tae Yong‘s next movie. The details aren’t revealed yet but his style is really thoughtful and slow burn in the types of movies he writes or directs. It would be a huge step forward for Suzy if she accepts the role. Until then, she’s got the SBS drama Vagabond on deck for a fall release and she continues to chug along with her strong CF career, and this week she attended the Lancome event looking simple in a white dress and clean matte makeup.


Suzy at Lancome Event and in Talks for Director Late Autumn’s Next Movie — 18 Comments

  1. The working title is called Wonderland. It’s a sci-fi fantasy romance, and the director chose Suzy for his comeback after 8 years. “The meaningful project was brought together with Suzy. Expectations are also high for actress Suzy’s new appeal, since she is the choice of director Kim Taeyong, who is famous for drawing out the qualities of the actors/actresses.” Suzy is a fan of Kim Tae Yong’s work, so she’ll most likely accept it.

    I wonder if she can reunite with Kim Soo Hyun, since he’s being discharged from the military soon, and this plans to start shooting in the second half of this year.

    By the way Koala, these pictures were from last month.

      • Yep. She was also the “choice” of Lee Kyung Hee and Park Hae Ryun, both of whom are writers known for bringing out any abilities of even inexperienced stars. And her acting in UF/WYWS speaks to how that turned out.

        Eight years in acting and still at that level…meanwhile koala will hasten to shit on other young actresses who have talent as ‘lacking star appeal’ or ‘seems like a bitchy second lead’ just because those girls actually had to work their way up and start with those ‘bitchy second lead’ parts instead of having lead roles handed to them on a platter with never a single audition.

  2. /sigh

    All this effort to make her look good, working with top writers, PDs and costars and her acting is still like that, even Park Hye Ryun couldn’t really cover for her.

    Also – “k-actress”? Does that mean ‘she’s an idol’ will no longer be used as an excuse for her poor acting skills by delusional kpop fans?

    • How does acting matter? SHK and KTH can’t act either but they are both top stars so stop trying to pretend Suzy needs to be a good actress to land big projects. All the biggest writers . actors and directors fall over their feet trying to work with her which shows her star power and mass appeal. Your fav bitchy faced second tier actress can’t relate and never will. No matter how good these so called actresses are they can never have Suzy’s level of popularity or demand. A celebrity like Suzy is loved for their warm heart and beautiful image and in SK that out trumps good acting every day. Stop writing your obviously jealous comments on every Suzy article. Whoever your fav is will never make it to Suzy level in any lifetime. They will always be mediocre in front of Goddess Suzy and no amount of your cribbing can change that.

      • aigoo…Even KTH is much better than Suzy…comparing her with SHK…Suzy might be your goddess but slow down a bit is good for you.

  3. What a joke! Suzy cannot be compared to KTH (beauty & education) and SHK (beauty & international fame). Not yet & Not now. @Kesla – you are only correct about one thing – in SK, image certainly out-trumps good acting everyday. Acting does not matter in such a shallow PS filled SK industry. What a shame!

    • Beauty and international fame is easy to achieve since Suzy is insanely gorgeous and an icon for national first love for may years now. She is steadily become more famous as a hallyu star and now with a major acting agency like SOOP to back her she will easily become a big star internationally since literally everyone and their mothers love her. If you find SK industry shallow then stop watching kdrama. You can’t criticize their culture while vicariously consuming their content because that is hypocrisy. SK has always been this way and shall always be like that and blame Western media for it because they have imposed their standards of beauty on the whole world that now some countries do not believe their own beauty is good enough.

      • What? International fame is easy to achieve?? LOL ? ? You are such a delulu. And are you telling me to “stop watching kdrama”? Who are you to tell me what to do? Go mind your own business. What a shallow reply from you @Nora @Kesla. SMH. ??‍♀️

    • I see all the jealous peasant is here as usual ?

      Keep spitting your bad bile while Suzy as a young and talented person will continue to succeed in her life with a good heart .

    • Of course, I believe you pleasants. She is not known internationally, not even in Japan, just ask any foreigners that you know ?? Stay in SK.

  4. Just ignore the jealous girls on this site. They hate idol actresses. Suzy is the most popular one (and yes she’s talented enough), so they can’t accept that she’s getting all of these roles their “real actress” unnies aren’t.

    • No one cares about her movie role. I won’t be spending my money ?? I bet her movie will never be shown internationally so who cares ?? Just stay in SK.

  5. Some of the users on this site are so damn cranky like get out a bit for goodness sake. Suzy is going to keep getting those high-profile roles because she is indeed popular and in-demand, so y’all can go cry in the corner. When was being a popular actress ever about talent alone? And she’s a decent one anyways.

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