Song Hye Kyo Makes First Post Divorce Filing Public Appearance at Sulhwasoo Event

K-actress Song Hye Kyo has been in the industry over two decades and remains a consummate professional even in the midst of personal turmoil. She made her first public appearance this weekend at a Sulhwasoo skincare brand event in Sanya, China, over a week after her soon-to-be ex-husband Song Joong Ki filed for divorce. So the Song-Song couple won’t be the happily ever after fairy tale story but hopefully the divorce will be concluded quickly and no more details leaking. I honestly don’t care who did what to whom and who was right or wrong in this marriage and now divorce. That’s between the two of them and I’ll continue to watch their dramas or movies when there is a reason to. Post their Descendants of the Sun fame, I really loved Song Hye Kyo in Encounter (Boyfriend) but was sadly bored and confused with Song Joong Ki’s Arthdal Chronicles. C’est la vie.


Song Hye Kyo Makes First Post Divorce Filing Public Appearance at Sulhwasoo Event — 30 Comments

  1. She always looks classy and beautiful. Wishing her all the best for the future.
    Divorce is never easy but it is better then staying in a bad relationship for whatever reason. You are a Goddess keep Living gracefully. Stay Happy and strong

  2. Never explain yourself to anyone, because the one who likes you would not need it, and the one dislikes you wouldn’t believe it.
    (ali ibn talib)

  3. She looks good in long skirt too. Please stop wearing mini skirt(my pet peeves about her fashion since Full House days)

    • Like the outfit. And for her – to keep away from the matronly and chunky effect. It’s kinda a fallacy to think super heels make short folks look taller – psychologically maybe. In fact, those super heels often draw attention to the lack of height. In many cases, it just draws attention and accentuates the short effect, esp if legs become super extended but torso is short.

      Same … I hated her mini skirts, and too high heels in Full House. The choice of clothing in Full House chopped and cropped her body in Full House. Overall I did not enjoy Full House (too noisy, too juvenile) anyway , and wasn’t much of a fan of hers back then.

      Nor did I like the “woe is me Oppa” early SHG in Autumn’s Tale. So much drama, no different from teary “Min-hyung ah” ChoiJW in Winter’s Sonata.

      Short skirt and pants suits … but NOT the minis were totally OK on SHK in All-In dressing. And it just started getting mostly better, from there. I think All In is really the turning point when I started enjoying SHK as a intelligent self-reliant woman and actress. Because I sure as hell didn’t enjoy SHK either in Hotelier where she came across as smart-Alecky cold.

      All In, Worlds Within, The Winter The Wind Blows, Encounter, etc won me over.

      LOVED her recent Encounter clothes, and style. This role feels like the actual SHK within, that I perceive her to be.

  4. Her life reminded me with her character in encounter. I hope, like Cha Soohyun, she will find her Kim Jinhyuk too. (Suddenly I Miss jinsoo couple) ?

    • I am of the same age with SHK. Tbh, at this age, love is no longer something your mind. Once you feel tired by love, you will appreciate your singlehood. Not every girl meant to be a bride or a wife. At times, happiness is not about finding the right one, but just finding happiness on your own and make peace with life.

      • AGREE. Peace is enjoying your own brand of contentment and happiness (be it Kdramas rather than meaningless social conversations at parties or such stilted social invites). Or writing/blogging rather than throwing ‘scintillating corporate dinners with a partner’ or families stomping the malls every weekend.

        NEVER rush to get hitched, because it’s the chronological thing to do by 35 or bec peers around you are all doing it. Worse, to rush to have kids.

        IF it is not meant to be – it will UNpeacefully mean:
        1) you spend the rest of your life TOLERATING (rather than meaningfully CONNECTING with) your partner

        2)you bite the bullet and end up in divorce. (again another unpeaceful unnecc complication)

      • @Alexa Couldn’t agree more. I still get the looks of disbelief when I say I’ve always been happy with being single, but it’s true. It might not be a big group, but there are people who can exist quite contentedly without being in a relationship.

  5. Same. I love encounter, shk so good in there. But I can’t barely pass ep 1 of arthdal. So boring. Wish shk find her happiness in all form. That is the only thing that matters.

  6. That’s an accomplished, classy, strong woman right there. More power to you, SHK. Keep your chin up, be kind to yourself, and live beautifully.

  7. SHK is so pretty and I like this dress on her. Very stylish & classy ? Agree with @K, don’t go back to those mini skirts, so out of date now. Time for a change.

  8. I drop ardhal because its so bored.i wish after this jungki will try acting rom com like kim jae wook..but i dont i think in have interest to watch his drma for time being.pls frgive me.yes i rwatching encounter last night..kyo is so pretty…wish her the best.beinf fan of her since autumm in my heart..??

  9. You can detect some weary tiredness in her, in last picture. Compared to her normal natural effotless radiance.

    AJA AJA fighting SHK … it will pass!

  10. All of faves are getting old without husband and babies such as Ha Ji Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Sohn Ye Jin, Jang Nara and Jung Yumi. There are many more too. Not worried about male actors though. They can always can get married to young women who are age of childbearing.

  11. I was never really impressed by his acting – just another pretty face but after this – I don’t think I’d actively watch his dramas or movies just because he is in it. I liked her from her Full House days with Rain. That was a long time ago and I still find her watchable. Bit sad at the outcome of the Song and Song union – seems like there may have been more than the 2 of them in this marriage (his family appears to be a little over involved). Whatever it was – just hoping that the divorce is quick and both parties deal with it in a mature and respectful manner.

  12. I think it’s a smart move. The sooner she goes about her everyday life seemingly unaffected by her divorce, the quicker the public will adjust to the ‘new normal’ and move on to other things and the rumor mill will eventually die down. After all, it’s just a divorce and her personal life; and at the end of the day, it isn’t a crime nor does she need to make any explanation to the public for it.

  13. no kids involved short duration.. shoudl be a quick and easy divorce.. both have plenty of money on their own. It’s always sad to see but life goes on… the sadness should not last any longer than their relationship did. best of luck to them both.

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