Taecyeon Cast as Male Lead in MBC Thriller Drama The Game

Recently discharged idol-actor Taecyeon has his first post-military role selected and it’s a fantasy tinged one. He’s going to be the leading man in upcoming MBC drama The Game, playing a prophet or soothsayer who can see peoples demise. He encounters a police detective which is the only person he cannot see the how the cop dies and after their encounter an incredible situation surrounds them. The drama is from the PD of Time And Begin Again and will air on MBC in January 2020.


Taecyeon Cast as Male Lead in MBC Thriller Drama The Game — 8 Comments

  1. Playing another prophet who can see the future like in “Touch you”? Anyways, I will watch whatever TY is in ? Looking forward to this drama even if it won’t be too good. LOL. His physical visuals will fully compensate his so-so acting for me ?

    • Same reason applies to many so-called actresses including some very famous ones. I am surprised you are still asking…

      • I know Taecyeon is not the first not very good actor to be casted or the last but I hope one day production will be smarter. He could be a second lead for me. But he’s not very charismatic and the second lead outshines him like in Save Me.

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