K-actor Gong Yoo Celebrates 40th Birthday on July 10, 2019

Holy freaks where did the time go! I cannot CANNOT believe that Gong Yoo is now 40 years old. Like, seriously?!?? I remember when he was playing a high school student in Biscuit Teacher Star Candy, but granted he was already in his late twenties then and shouldn’t have played that character other than by sheer boyish charisma. Mr. Yoo is now certifiably an ahjusshi but nothing’s wrong with that, he’s as perfect an ahjusshi as they make them and his age makes this ahjumma not feel as blushy when I stan him. His birthday was a few days ago on July 10th so a big congrats to Gong Yoo for hitting another decade milestone and career wise he’s still on a roll. In fact he’s only had one dud in the entire last decade and that was the bad acid trip that was the K-drama Big.


K-actor Gong Yoo Celebrates 40th Birthday on July 10, 2019 — 8 Comments

  1. LOL, I don`t think that Big was that bad. It was a fantasy difficult to believe and maybe the idea not too well executed (I like Shin Won Ho but he cannot pass for a 18yr old Gong Yoo, so that made the thing more confusing), but it was entertaining and the perfect vehicle for Gong Yoo to display his charms. As for me, he’s been great in everything he has been all these years.
    Happy Birthday to him and hopefully we will see him in a new project very soon ๐Ÿ™‚

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