HK-netizens Irked by Signs of Impending Comeback by Cheating Husband Singer-Actor Andy Hui

Imma stick the post topper picture of recently retired from HK-ent singer-actor Andy Hui with his cheating partner disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong because let’s not forget (this fast or ever at all) about his douchebaggery. Andy was caught three months ago cheating on his long time partner and wife top singer Sammi Cheng with a long make out session in the back of a taxi with Jacqueline. She was cast as the temptress, and her boyfriend broke up with her. He held a tears, snot, and contrition filled press conference, accepted responsibility and declared he was retiring from HK-ent as penance and to repair his marriage to Sammi.

She actually forgave him and took him back, which I cannot judge because it’s her marriage, but I can judge the recent back-in-the-spotlight signs that Andy may be returning to showbiz and on the backs of his wife’s fame. They were caught prominently jogging together and he was spotted at the location of her upcoming concert venue. Her fans boo’d him (thank god there is some sanity there), and I hope HK-fans in general kill any attempted comeback by having none of it, because the world is too short to give money to a grade-A jackass.


HK-netizens Irked by Signs of Impending Comeback by Cheating Husband Singer-Actor Andy Hui — 4 Comments

  1. It was my (mistaken notion)but I’d always thought that Andy Hui always LOVED Sammi, more than she did him, all those years prior to them getting hitched. And he stood by her, all through the Depression bouts. She was the Diva who was very career-focused.

    And grapevine has it that Jacqueline Wong is embarking on a career in Finance instead. Her ex-bf Kenneth Wong is a saint imo, and a gem she didn’t cherish.

    NOT only does he not act victim, he requests that the public give her space. How graciously understanding and compassionate can a wronged almost-fiance be?!!

  2. Of course he will do a comeback. Pretty sure Sammi had to have him at her concert as a guest to at least show the public that they are still together and working it out.
    He is a singer after all, probably saved a singer fee instead of inviting other singers. You have to give it to him to even come back out in public and sing at his wife’s concert.
    It will be unfair if he gets to stay in the HK entertainment circle when he was the one that was married and Jackie Wong has to leave and she was not married.
    It is always the women that has to take the most blame regardless if both were cheating.

    • @jkfan Sorry, zero pity for Jacqueline’s showbiz career demise. A woman who went after her friend’s husband is the wrong spokesperson for better woman rights. Shouldnt women be backing one another up instead?
      As for Andy, he would have been persona non grata had Sammi dumped him. Should he make a successful comeback, it’s all down to her.

  3. Cheating rat deserves rotten eggs thrown at him. As for Sammi, her singing was so-so in the past, and seemed to have dropped a few notches. Oh well, the wacky outfits will distract from the subpar singing.

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