Shin Se Kyung Fresh in New Multi-colored Summer Pictorial

I feel like I’m running out of the current crop of actors and actresses to write about, what with scandals and even simply falling off the popularity wagon. It’s that attrition which makes K-actress Shin Se Kyung‘s leading lady perch for the last decade impressive in light of her not having a single definitive drama or performance in her resume. I liked her in The Girl Who Sees Smells and that’s it, and sadly it’s a drama I can’t rewatch anymore thanks to her unfortunately pairing with the male lead. Her flops are actually even more memorable what with Fashion King, Blade Man, and The Bride of Haebak in her portfolio. I do think she’s wonderfully pretty, and this latest pictorial released by her agency lend credence to her perennially gorgeous visage. But she’s due for a hit and I hope her upcoming sageuk Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung is that next winner.


Shin Se Kyung Fresh in New Multi-colored Summer Pictorial — 26 Comments

      • I wish all the best for Shin Se Kyung’s Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung. Finally, finally, finally she’s getting a drama that is ABOUT HER CHARACTER. Show ’em haters what you’ve got, Se Kyung-ssi!

      • Suzy is 100x more popular than PSH so duh. Nation first love is always in demand

      • Is getting a mention on this website worth anything?
        Most of the comments are about how she can’t act etc.
        Its best PSH’s news don’t get reported here.

      • Yes I agree with @sash it is better if this site stay away from her news the comments section turns to something ugly with all respect to Koala

    • Ikr! She totally lives by her moniker Goddess of Korea in these photos. I must say, among k-actresses on her age-range, SSK is really the prettiest.

  1. Erm excuse me but Shin Sae Kyeong has got lots of hits. And Bride of the Water god is definitely not a flop. It’s actually better performing than a lot of current dramas.

    As per her hits she’s got top produced saeguks up in her resume such as ( deep rooted tree,six flying dragons and queen seondok) you can also add black knight as it fared pretty well in ratings.

    Sae Kyeong has a really good reputation in her home country. She’s well-loved and a respected sunbae.

    • Say it louder for the people at the back! Let’s not forget how she topped almost all buzzworthy lists at the time Black Knight was airing and all the awards she won for every single historical drama she has done

      • Omg thanks @highya! I really adore Sae Kyeong and all her hardwork in every project that she does. She totally does not deserve all the hate she gets for doing her job.

        And yeah! She has topped the list everytime when Black Knight was airing. So please stop UNDERRATING SHIN SAE KYEONG! Our girl is adored by Koreans.

  2. The thing I love about this girl is that she always challenges herself to different roles. Some international audiences have created a false news about her acting and popularity but the truth is she has as more awards then many other 90s line actresses and has always been well loved by Korean audiences. Her fan meeting sold out in under a minute and everything she does trends. She is close to many veteran actors and they adore her over her contemporaries. The myth about her bad acting is finally dying and she is finally getting the hallyu love she deserves.

    • The only awards she gets are from SBS/MBC/KBS drama awards so where is the “more awards” than other 90 line actresses? Her fellow 90-line actresses are Kim Taeri, Park Boyoung, Kim Goeun who has awards from actual prestigious ceremonies like Baeksang, Blue Dragon and Grand Bell.
      Also, I don’t think she has any Hallyu popularity. Actresses with hallyu popularity in their 20s are Park Shinhye, Suzy, Kim Jiwon as far as I know. The amount of fake praise given to her on this website is hilarious. She is good in historical dramas but thats just about it.

      • You just want to hate on SSK,Abby and tell you what she will just soar high and prove herself to people like you who keeps on putting a good person like her down. You’ve got some serious crab mentality issues right there.

      • Hilarious. Stop using different usernames to reply to me, because your icon shows. Remember to change your email or ip address in your next reply. No wonder all the comments praising Shin Se-kyung sounds repetitive and similar to me.
        And no, thats not hate. I have said nothing about her acting and you are the one who kept saying there’s “false news” when you are the ones spreading inaccurate facts. The ones having CRAP mentality issues are delusional fans like yourself.

      • Like you said Oracle here come the haters trying to discredit her as always. You can’t deny her popularity no matter how hard you try. This drama getting picked up for simulcast by Netflix is just one of the many proofs for that. If you like your bias then stay away from articles that have nothing to do with them. None of the praise I’ve read till now about her is false. Being great at sageuks is a big deal something kjw and psh can’t relate to.

    • Thank you for pointing that out about the issue on false news about her acting. In Korea,people praise her for her acting. And yes! Got to give it to you for also noting about how everything that she does is trending here in Korea. She’s a darling and we all love her! Can’t say much for the international viewers,but we really adore her and her good nature.

    • Discredit her? Stop putting words in my mouth. I am merely pointing out the lies your fellow SSK fans with 6 usernames try to spread. You all think not praising her for everything she does means putting her down? But its a fact that she isn’t THAT good in acting or has more awards than other actresses her age.
      Btw Netflix picks up many dramas nowadays, if you bothered to check.

  3. Btw, @daebak @lalaland @Corn @Camelo are the same person lol. There’s only one SSK fan on this website or are the others still asleep?

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