Yeo Jin Gu Starts to Shine in Episode 4 of Hotel Del Luna as He Stands Up to IU

It can actually go both ways, Yeo Jin Gu‘s modern day hotel manager character in Hotel Del Luna could be the reincarnation of IU‘s romantic interest from her humanly life in the Gorguyeo era or just someone seeing their memories but exists to help her left go now by making her fall in love again. I wasn’t fully onboard with the modern day romance in the making until this most recent episode 4 on Sunday, which was really Yeo Jin Gu’s episode to shine as Chan Sung. He finally gets full agency of his new life, seeing ghosts and helping those get closure and move on. I love how all the ghost stories are really touching, the old man and his loyal dog bathed me in tears (I’m such a dog mom) while the blind ghost story paid off after four episodes in a meaningful way for Chan Sung’s emotional commitment to do the most with his bridge as a human who can see ghosts. The ending kiss was a new situation I’ve not seen in dramas before and is less romantic and more cool in setup. I so want to see the demonic ghost living in Room 13.


Yeo Jin Gu Starts to Shine in Episode 4 of Hotel Del Luna as He Stands Up to IU — 28 Comments

  1. I really like man wol and her romance arc with the warrior from past. I don’t know who the actor is, but he really shines in these scenes with man wol.

  2. I agree! Episode 4 was a lovely emotional payoff! The Hong Sisters are mad genius. My favorite drama of theirs of all time is my girl… it may soon no longer be the case.

    Yeo Jin Goo is doing splendid! The actor who plays his historical past counterpart is also charming and dashingly handsome. IU is mostly winning in this role. It’s just I have to agree with some commentators that she doesn’t give out an ethereal, mystical vibe for a character that is over 1,000 years old. I love her the most during the historical periods of the film.

    This show really reminds me of goblin esp with the heart breaking historical flashbacks. She essentially is playing the goblin, cursed with immortality lol thinking about it, this show must also be influenced by beauty and the beast. In the original tale, the daughter requested her merchant dad did to bring her back flowers from his travels. He stumbled across beautiful flowers in the garden belonging to the beast. He got caught but was let go and forgiven by the beast on the condition that he tradein his daughter. Yeo Jin Goo is playing belle and IU is playing the beast LOL

  3. This drama become more and more interisting! Im so happy! its really hard for me to find another good drama after dazzling. I love every characters in this drama, and YJG is so charming.

  4. I actually liked him since the beginning. He is not your alpha male hero….IU has that part so she drove the story. But now with the background firmly established, he gets to take part actively and hence he is shining. He is still a great actor as always, I felt their chemistry more on episode 4. I don’t think he is a reincarnation, he has been chosen to guide Man Wol and given the ability to see who she was once many lifetimes ago. Its obvious why, he is a decent, kind guy hence he can see past her cold exterior and empathize.

  5. YJG is great. Those who discredit him got a slap on the face now that his character is more established. The plot is good, that’s why the actors can shine. I hope the Hong sisters can reclaim their names with this drama 🙂

  6. No wonder the ratings for this episode went down. Nobody is here for YJG everyone is here for IU and her awesomeness.

    • down by 0.5% LOL, still higher than Ep 1 & 2. Are you a delulu? YJG is good. IU is not as good as in MA. The plot is great. This is my opinion.

      • Not as good as My Mister? No IU’s acting so brilliant in HDL. And YJG is wonderful too. Jang Man Wol is so Complex character, IU did great, even her gestures, eyes and face expression so damn good. Jian and Man Wol are proves that IU’s acting so versatile

      • oh well, we can agree to disagree. I am not saying IU is bad in HDL, just that she was better in MA in my opinion. There is something missing, but she was saved by her beautiful costumes in HDL. Don’t get me wrong, I still like her, but I like her better in MA. My point is YJG is good and I like both leads in HDL. There is no need to discredit one to bring up the other as per my reply to @Gol who is now proven to be a loser troll anti.

    • It’s weird that you said that as if IU didn’t appear in episode 4. She is still in episode 4 with the usual amount screen time.

    • Uhmmm.. i don’t think so…. am here mostly for JinGoo but also for IU.. don’t give us reasons to hate IU for no reason (like @Smogie said).. you’re carrying IU’s name as a fan so be careful with what you’ll say in the comments section.. other IU fans who are really nice wouldn’t like that too..

      • That’s a troll. There are several IU antis that disguise themselves as fans on drama blogs, especially here. Hundreds of IU fans on twitter have praised him and hyped him as the talented actor that he is.

    • Um.. I am IU’s fan and I’ve never seen a rude uaena like this..
      I enjoyed both of their actings, they’re smashing it! Yes, I do agree that YJG’s acting in episode 1 and 2 is awkward, that’s because he had to potray his character (GCS is AFRAID of JMW, that’s why YJG has to act GCS out as an awkward man around JMW, he’s GCS himself) well and he nailed it!
      YJG actually is helping IU to develop JMW’s character (IU even said this in an interview) and he is her senior in acting, like years ahead of her.
      If you don’t have anything good to say then just don’t say anything.
      Have a good day!

  7. I don’t get why people have to comment like: ‘YJG is great but IU is better, she is the reason why the ratings are great.’ I get that you stan her but there’s no reason to be so insecure for her. You really come across as obnoxious and rude and that makes some people, like me, to start to dislike her for no reason.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s weird why do they have to put YJG just to put IU up. They have not realised that against YJG will have bad impact on the drama which in effect will also affect IU as she’s the lead in the drama.

      FYI, YJG had a hit TVN drama this year, The Crowned Clown which peaked at almost 11%.

    • Uaenas in my circle are loving YJG’s acting and how he behave politely on set. He even helped IU to develop JMW’s character (IU said this in an interview herself).
      What if they, who sent those rude comments, were not IU’s fan and just using her name to start a war.

    • Thanks to all IU fans who cleared up my confusion. I swear on previous Koala articles about this drama all the comments read like ‘ OMG this nugu actor with poor skills will drag our queen IU down, why’ and I was rendered speechless because I never expected to have to defend YJG’s acting especially when compared to singer turned actress with less hit projects. Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to shade her I just think that he was far more established as an actor before this project than she is (and maybe that’s why some people are so agressive in staning actor IU) Anyway they’re both doing great and it’s always a team effort for the drama to work and likely if writing or directing was poor they would be doing much worse. I really like the historical scenes and how they were filmed with great attention do detail, thumbs up to the PD.

      • I’m so sorry you have to read those kind of rude comments ?
        YHG is her senior in acting so yes he is far more established as an actor than IU. Uaenas on twitter are loving YJG’s acting and personality please don’t get us wrong ?
        I love the PD’s approach in this drama. Love the casts’ chemistries.
        Just as Lee Sun Gyun said, drama is a team work.

  8. Amazing drama.. i’ve actually anticipated how great the actors (Yeo JinGoo and IU) will be on their own but i never thought the chemistry would be astounding! And I’m a very happy and contented viewer ? i’ve said this way before the drama started, and i’m saying it again.. it doesn’t have to be JinGoo vs IU.. this whole thing is them together.. like others say, it’s not like an episode only has one of them in it at a time.. so supporting one of ‘em means both of ‘em actually! It’s either you enjoy the ride or don’t watch it at all. (Like i mentioned before) it’ll be so damn hard covering JinGoo’s face on your screen while watching IU when they’re both there, right? As to who shines more?? Who cares one is Moon the other Star, they have their own way of shining and each also with their own purpose! I love having both the Star and Moon across my dark sky! JinGoo is a superb veteran actor, needless to say.. IU found a great footing in this side of the industry, too! and both will surely go a very long way together or on their own ? Hotel del Luna, fighting!! ???

  9. Yes, thank you! And actually, The Crowned Clown still remains to be tvN’s highest rated drama for 2019 and it actually peaked at almost 13% in the finale.

    Personally, I think everyone’s doing well in their roles and every episode is getting better. I totally agree, the fans who are hating on Jingoo just because they can are just doing harm to IU’s name instead. Those people might as well be her antis.

      • Those are IU antis. If you go on twitter, there are hundreds of IU fans who have praised him and hyped him up as a talented veteran actor. We’re the ones defending him too when people question his acting.

  10. Just like what the culture critic has said about Hotel Del Luna.
    It is a mysterious story that takes on poetic justice, it will clearly distinguish between good and evil. The punishment is done in a good and exhilarating way.
    We’ve seen some scenes where evil ghosts and human beings were punished. I think this drama tells us about life itself, encourage virtue and punish the evil.
    I can’t wait to see the next episodes, especially episode 6!

    • OMG!!! What’s on episode 6???! Lol!!! Anyway, thanks to the real and sincere IU fans/ Uaenas for standing up for our ChanSung/JinGoo ? they both deserve so much more for working really hard! ? ManChan fighting!

      • IU said that sheiU said that she’s looking for the ending of episode 6 the most ?
        I hope people won’t misunderstand us. We love him!!

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