Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee Cast in MBC Wed-Thurs Drama The Game

There’s a reunion coming on MBC with two very pretty and hard working actors with differing levels of acting improvement over the years. Recently returned from military service Taecyeon will be joined by Lee Yeon Hee in a supernatural police procedural drama called The Game. He plays a guy with special vision who see death in others while she’s a detective who treats all suspects fairly even with a dogged determination to seek justice. Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee have worked together before in 2013 in the movie Marriage Blue and both have continued to work on their early career limited acting range and I’ll have to give the edge to Taec at this stage, I’m really looking forward to his return to dramas since he did so well in his last dramas prior to enlistment.


Taecyeon and Lee Yeon Hee Cast in MBC Wed-Thurs Drama The Game — 13 Comments

  1. LYH was pretty great in The Package! This drama was really great. All the casting did well. If I have to choose, I choose her. She was pretty good in Miss Korea too. Taecyeon has no charisma as an actor, his costars always shine more than him.

  2. Taecyeon seems a really nice guy but dude cannot act. He was so awkward in save me (though most of the young cast was miscast in that drama, and made it unwatchable) Lee Yeon Hee has moments of greatness but I wonder if she will be able to shine with such a weak costar. :/

  3. Lee Yeon Hee was AMAZING in Miss Korea. I’ve never seen the equal from Taecyeon even though he is cute. She is better by far.

  4. Glad Taecyeon is back In dramaland and my heart missed a beat at his casting however when I saw LYH was female lead then truth be known I would rather watch butter melt on a cold winter day but alas if I have to have a weekly visual fix of Taecy then so be it. I’m willing to put my bias aside and endure this drama for him. Welcome back Mr Ok Ive been patiently waiting for this announcement; you have been sorely missed. ❤️

  5. Lee Yeon Hee was great in Miss Korea though, shame it went up against YFAS so never got noticed or her given credit for that performance. Hell she was even good in Gu Family Book special appeaeance, it’s like 2013 was a great year for her or something. It’s weird how her subsequent roles had her backsliding though but that one/two(??) performance gives me hope for her abilities.

    Taecyeon might be considered handsome but um, based on what I have seen of his ‘acting’, I don’t think he’ll ever be capable of doing a performance at that level, and it’s no surprise Woo Do Hwan was the one who became a breakout after Rescue Me 1.

    Let’s just put it this way, it’s been eight? nine? years since his acting debut and previously-unknown young actors were still stealing the show in dramas that he’s supposed to be the lead of? It’s easy to see why, and really he’s better off sticking to variety and using his military service (that he had to give up his green card for, which he HAD to do anyway since he was living and working in Korea for 10 years) to get a good image and endorsements.

    • WDH was definitely the scene stealer in Save Me 1 so no question about it but his character arc was definitely a lot stronger to begin with and episode 2 it was obvious that he was going to be the main protagonist moving forward. It was unfortunate that Taecy was relegated to playing second fiddle but he held his own and it was a great send off to the Military when the show ended on a good note. Ratings weren’t spectacular but the 16 episodes were epic and left an indelible impression on me. That said his move from JYP to 51K mid last year was a surprise but he obviously has a following enough to secure lead role for MBC and for me that’s a huge score. I’m a fan of 2pm too so Taecy is still part n parcel of that and it would be a shame if he was only on variety shows and CF endorsements so yep I’m all for hanging out for his 2020 drama.

      • Bluntly speaking, Taecyeon can’t carry a drama on his own, or any kind of conplex storyline – not without the involvement of a more skilled actor (ex: Kim So Hyun in Let’s Fight Ghost) or an ensemble cast.

        That’s my observation of his dramas – I don’t really care about his real-life persona since I’m not an idol fan. so all I’m left with is the perception of another not-good idol actor who is booking lead roles because MBC is losing ratings enough to cut drama programming and is desperate enough to forget that idols who are not good at acting, aren’t actually ratings draws (similar happened with the likes of Krystal etc when they tried casting them as leads).

      • But LYH can’t carry a drama on her own as well so we’re at the crossroads 2 leads on a dwindling public TV station I hope the storytelling and script does wonders for both of them because I’m not overly fussed either way I just wanna see Taecy back on screen.

    • Agree with @Ginger Crunch – LYH cannot carry a drama! @Royal We – you don’t have to worry about MBC’s investment. TY has more fans internationally (eg in Japan) than LYH. And if you don’t own stock at MBC, please just let it be.

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