C-netizens Detective Work Suggest Yang Mi is Dating Younger Star Wei Da Xun

If K-ent is having a crazy idol dating week last week, this week C-ent takes the reins with perpetual tabloid target C-actress Yang Mi being front and center for maybe having a new boyfriend. It’s a big deal since she’s divorced from ex-husband HK-actor Hawick Lau and has a 5-year old daughter than the paps are constantly insinuating she’s basically given up custody of. Whatever is the case is totally none of anyone’s business since Yang Mi is just an actress plying her craft but the mommy/wife shaming totally rubs me the wrong way. This week C-ent is covering the netizen unearthed report that Yang Mi is dating younger actor-singer Wei Da Xun after he was spotted at an art exhibition with a woman who resembles Yang Mi (in physique) and the two were reportedly wearing couple’s sneakers. I’m either too old for this shit or am truly done with rando netizens having any commentary on stars personal lives as long as it’s not misconduct. Just let Yang Mi date or not date whomever she wants, sheesh.


C-netizens Detective Work Suggest Yang Mi is Dating Younger Star Wei Da Xun — 13 Comments

  1. Good on her. Why not live life the fullest. She didn’t exactly enjoy her previous marriage. Before being a mom, she is a woman. And both are single and happy.

  2. Well, not everybody is made out to be a nurturing stay.at-home mom. And even if she were, she still has the right to date and be a woman. It’s time we stopped pretending like ever-sacrificing mother is the only way of motherhood when no matter what a woman does, she gets criticized. Besides, her ex-husband Hawick Lau moved on a long time ago.

  3. Idol dating isn’t the same as a divorcee with a young child dating. Of course she can date whoever she wants but spare a thought for her daughter who probably hears gossip about mummy being a cougar. This guy’s image has taken a knock too for dating her and so they probably won’t dare to admit anything.

    • How can you label Yang Mi as a cougar when she is 32 and he is 30? She is not even at an age to be called a cougar? And is 2 years that big of a difference?? Do you expect her to date another old guy like Hawick who is 12 years her senior… not a fan, just saying.

    • So she has to stay single to avoid gossip for her daughter?
      I mean she is Yangmi. Her daughter has no choice
      And she is only 2 years older than her. What’s cougar? At this year and age people still have negative opinion for guys dating older and successful women? It’s sad

  4. We live in a double standard society whereby the woman is expected to give up everything including her identity and the man is expected to give up little or nothing. And if the woman chooses to do otherwise even if its not against the law, she is vilified for it/sometimes brutualy as well. If the man she is dating/seeing/otherwise is a consenting adult and she is not breaking any laws or her child is being affected she is allowed to live her life. Plus one would be surprised how mature some people are nowadays regardless of their age. Being an actress is her job just like some people here have them, after work its her business to do whatever. She is not the property or is owned by us all and as such one should not condemn, criticize nor judge her for being a human being. She does not know other people lives excluding those she knows well nor does she act that way.

    She deserves to be happy with her daughter and whoever she brings into her life. Let her be, support and encourage her in living her own life.

  5. Oh, It is ridiculous if someone is trying to judge and control their life. Hey, guys, you do not have any rights to demand what they should or shouldn’t do. There is only one thing you freely do is supporting them. If you can’t then shut your mouth off.

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