Hayami Mokomichi Surprise Marries Same Age J-actress Hirayama Aya

Another one of J-ent’s male leads got hitched and it’s Hayami Mokomichi‘s turn to surprise with a life long commitment. I feel like J-ent goes for the extremes, deny dating or hide to so well until it’s time to get married and them drop a bombshell on fans. Nothing wrong with that, ultimately fans can decide whether to continue to support or not. But as a fan I would love to support a dating relationship that ultimately gets to the finished line because it’s just such a happy ending. Hayami was the original Night of Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) and now he’s the absolute husband to J-actress Hirayama Aya. They are the same age and met through mutual friends so congrats and wishing them a happy life together!


Hayami Mokomichi Surprise Marries Same Age J-actress Hirayama Aya — 6 Comments

  1. Nah, j-ent is different than k-ent in this one. He is an actor. Some j actors/actress married early and nothing happen to their career. Even jhonny idols got a lot of rumor with girls on tabloid (with pics). They just dont confirm or deny anything. And their fans, now, quite chill.
    As far as I know most j entertainer halt their activity (reflect) if they involved in marriage affair or broken the law. But if you were female idols,you definetely cant date cos female idols rely to their male fans so much

  2. dawww Zettai Kareshiiii :’) Still remember all those tears and emotions i felt when i was watching for first time years ago… Time flies so fast ughh

  3. aww snap Zettai Kareshi! I feel so old! Hayami Mokomichi looks even better now in age <3. Congrats to the beautiful couple

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