Oh Yeon Seo and Ahn Jae Hyun Confirmed for Romance K-drama People With Flaws

There’s a new K-drama lined up and frankly it better be awesomely written and directed to muster any interest from me. MBC has scheduled rom-com People With Flaws for this November 2019 and cast Ahn Jae Hyun and Oh Yeon Seo as the leads. He hasn’t had a hit as a standalone male lead and her last hit was years ago with weekend drama Come! Jang Bori, and ultimately this seems like a weak bit of casting if the prime time dramas hope to retain their audience. The premise also sounds rather lackluster, with a woman who fears beautiful men and a man obsessed with looks falling for each other, but of course in the world of K-drama opposites attract logic. I’m not trying to crap on the drama this early on but with the big three networks shrinking their drama output one would hope for the remaining projects to be truly standouts on story and casting from the outset.


Oh Yeon Seo and Ahn Jae Hyun Confirmed for Romance K-drama People With Flaws — 8 Comments

  1. What a bad idea of casting… I’m not a fan of any of them. Oh Yeon Soo was pretty disapointing in A Korean Odyssey and Ahn Jae Hyun has not the material for a first lead role for me.

  2. I definitely won’t watch this drama ? OYS frozen face performance in Hwayugi is a total turnoff. I don’t find AJH any bit handsome and he cannot act.

  3. I don’t blame OYS for the issues that popped up in the second half of A Korean Odyssey. The Hong Sisters had serious pacing and story issues in that drama even if I still overall liked it. I liked this actress in Shine or Go Crazy and think she did really well in Come Back Mister though I freely admit everyone was off watching DOTS.

    I will give it a go because it will all come down to the story. I’m enjoying Rookie Historian quite a bit even though the leads in that get constant grief as well. The gal is doing great and I can overlook the guy’s so so acting because the story is solid.

  4. I like both leads for some unknown reason but AJH did do well in The Beauty Inside and OYS to some degree in Hwayugi. However the premise of she’s petrified of handsome men and he’s obsessed with good looks so yeah I wonder how far you can go with 16 episodes with that expectation so the writer best to pulling every trick in the book to sustain interest otherwise it will be relegated to ‘another one to watch on a rainy day pile’. In other words I’ll go for a gander.

  5. Actually I wish Lee Da Hee is the female lead with AJH in this new drama.
    I like their pairing in The Beauty Inside, Sa Ra and Eun Ho couple!

  6. I’ll be watching 4 Oh Yeon Seo! She was Excellent In “Come Back Mister”, Jang Bo-Ri, Husband Got A Family and “Shine or Go Crazy”. The Hong sisters screwed her In “Hwayugi” and if I had been Mini-Gold (a sponsor), I would have sued them.

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