Newly Signed Versace China Model Yang Mi Quits Brand After Hong Kong Labeling T-shirt Controversy

You gotta know which way your bread is buttered, or as the Chinese saying goes don’t lose your rice bowl. C-actress Yang Mi is one of China’s biggest stars and has tons of fashion brand endorsements. She recently signed on as Versace‘s face for ladies couture in China but that was one short stint as she quit her engagement this week with the company. Versace is under fire for a t-shirt that lists all the cities and it’s corresponding country and C-netizens are flaming furious that Hong Kong is listed with Hong Kong instead of China. Technically it is Hong Kong, China since 1997 handover but right now Mainland China is especially hard handed with Hong Kong after two months plus of protests which initially started with an extradition bill, which has now been killed, but has mushroomed into democracy and political control protests. Yang Mi’s move is savvy but it’s hard to just watch entertainment if it takes political sides.


Newly Signed Versace China Model Yang Mi Quits Brand After Hong Kong Labeling T-shirt Controversy — 21 Comments

  1. I wonder if that that t-shirt is a ripped off.

    I mean, London is the capital of England and not UK. The spelling of Brussels is also wrong. Versace making this kinda kindergarten level kind of mistakes???

    Oh, just read that Coach and Givenchy just joining the party of creating faux pas in China.

  2. London is surely in UK (England is not an offical country) and it isn’t just capitals. Versace posted an official apology, so it wasn’t a rip off who was my idea too. For a company original from Italy they should at least get the European capitals right and never leave out the dots above the u in Dusseldorf (literal translation: Village of idiots…something people from Cologne would agree with). I also feel sorry for people from Brazil. I don’t know how this could happen since they should at least know how to google. They have to trash so many shirts. What an waste of Energy, Water and people’s effort.

  3. Versace might have issued an apology, but this T-shirt is definitely a fake. How could a high end fashion brand like Versace produce items with multiple spelling mistakes on them. Brussels, the capital of Europe where all EU laws come from and that is all over the news spelled “Brusells”?! No way. This looks like a typical fake T-shirt sold on markets.

  4. My first question was, if she did it out of patriotical feelings (obligation?) or pure opportunism. It isn’t such a sacrifice on her part as she has enough sources of income. And it’s always better to be on the same page as the Communist Party.

    • regardless of her motive, this lady has guts. Versace has issued an official apology, pretty lame in their part to sell T-shirts resembling dollar store items and charging up a fortune without even doing a proper spellcheck. LOL.

      • That is exactly my point, it doesn’t take guts to do what the political elite is expecting.

        Hongkong peaceful protestors are facing losing their jobs, being harmed and detained! And still, they protest. That takes guts!!!

      • HK protestors are not exactly protesting peacefully. There are lots of videos which show otherwise. Anyway, whatever they are actually protesting about, I just hope they leave HK forever. They can’t possibly live there anymore since they hate HK China so much.

    • Both. The PRCs have long been brainwashed by the One China mantra. The virtue signalling is definitely beneficial to her career, after all the big money is in China market now.

  5. She is smart. To drop Versace and maintain her stand as a Chinese will win her more support from the netizens who are the major deciding factor for a persons career, especially hers as she is always in the limelight. She is a smart business woman, of course she will drop the brand. It’s a no brainer.

  6. She probably did it to avoid taking any risk of being associated supporting the HK protests. Apparently, some celebrities have had to publish public apologies to have ‘liked’ posts on weibo about the protests, others declaring their support to HK have been banned from preforming in Mainland China. Smart business choice.

    And HK citizens are protesting for their rights, as the leader of HK (appointed by basically the PRC) is about to pass a law allowing the extradition to mainland China and people are fearing their liberties and rights which make HK so different from mainland China, will stop way before the agreed 2047. So yeah, doubt those people hate HK since they fight for it.

    • If they really love HK, they would protest peacefully. Look at England and look at Teresa May’s farewell speech. Total respect. HK people don’t know what is true democracy, they never had it even under U.K. rule.

      • How does his relate to Theresa May in any shape or form? Her job was to negotiate an exit deal that the British actually people voted in favor of. People were given the choice to leave or stay.
        HK people are protesting over a situation that is imposed to them. If you understood what democracy truly was, you would never say this.

  7. @Abc “HK protestors are not exactly protesting peacefully” what do you expect when the police act like a bunch of thugs & spray tear gas in the subway station, pushing people down the escalators & shoring innocent people?!! If you don’t know, get your facts right before spewing non-sense! The youths are fighting for their freedom! Carrie Lam is a Beijing lapdog!

    • It takes a lot of guts to fight for what you believe so for what Yang Mi and other celebrities are doing with dropping these brand endorsement are nothing in compare to the HK protestors. These celebrities are just protecting their brand. HK protestors are protecting their democracy.

      • HARD! HK are protecting their rights to democracy and from recent updates China is sending in the Calvary tanks and all. I’m sorry but I do feel for those in HK who know that are taking an all mighty great and will meet their demise if no peaceful resolution is found. Thoughts and prayers to the people of HK right now I’m with you on this.

    • Carrie Lam is just the scapegoat. She has her hands tied. HK is a titchy island with only 7.3million people. HK has been and will always be part of China. Those protesters need to leave HK. They don’t love their country. Live in the west where there is democracy if they love that word so much.

      • @Abc – We meet again and you nailed it with the word democracy and judging from your posts you’re definitely pro China rule and it’s scarey that you advocate that HK citizens leave their country of birth if they love democracy so much and subtext is if they don’t they will suffer the consequences. For those of us that live in a free civilised democratic country it’s disheartening to watch the events unfold in HK. I remember the Tiananmen square massacre in1989 so those HK protesters have no hope and hell against the Chinese army whose objective is loud and clear and I guess it’s only a matter of days when we will know the outcome. God Bless the people of HK.

      • @Ginger Crunch there’s no reason to argue with ABC. I didn’t respond to her, since her comment to me showed her single minded opinion. One party, one China, one historical tale, one opinion. No diversity or differences are allowed!

        If you live or have been raised in such environment, you can’t expect her to be able to see out side the box she lives in. Or that she has empathy for people who fight with their LIVES for values like freedom of speech. Because why would you need that freedom, if you can just repeat what the system is brainwashing you with?!

        What saddens me is, that I doubt she knows the truth about things like the tragical massacre on the “place of heavenly peace”. It’s censored in Mainland China. CPC is doing everything to erase it from their history. So, how could she view HK’s protesters other than disturbing. The hate for them is evident in all her answers.

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