Hyun Bin Sleek and Slick in New Esquire Korea Pictorial

The North-South Korean divide being milked for a star-crossed lovers concept was executed well once in K-dramas with The King 2 Hearts, one of my faves. It’s getting a reverse treatment in upcoming tvN drama Love’s Crash Landing (Crash Landed Love), with Hyun Bin as the North Korean military officer an Son Ye Jin as a South Korean heiress crossing over enemy lines and finding love. The drama sounds just like an excuse for the two to act together again after the thriller movie Negotiation but I’m not complaining, all signs point to great onscreen chemistry and sometimes a ridiculously improbably but swoony K-romance works like magic to bring back the original reason why K-dramas were so addicting in the early Hallyu says. And if it’s Binnie doing his best leading man impression like he’s doing in this Esquire Korea pictorial then please can I have some more.


Hyun Bin Sleek and Slick in New Esquire Korea Pictorial — 44 Comments

  1. I’m sorry to copy and paste this from the Soompi article but HB “explained how it felt to work with her for the movie, saying, “There are times when I feel great charm and thrill from seeing the actor opposite me show unexpected acting. There’s also a thrill to my own reaction to that acting. While filming ‘The Negotiation,’ I saw that in Son Ye Jin, so I thought, ‘I want to try working with her again.’ At the time, [we had filmed separately], so I wanted to try acting with her in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air, and that opportunity came quickly.”

    I’m like wth is he taking the piss? Cos it sure seems like it to drive up media play and attention. Who the hell says that so openly and for a magazine. It’s corny as and riotous what a good laugh for the day.

    • Good, so you don’t have to watch the drama, you will totally believe whatever translations by the media and interpret according to your own understanding.

      • Save it @Wai it’s still cringey either way it’s translated especially the bit about ‘making eye contact and breathing the same air’ ah yeah that’s the whole intention when you’re acting opposite someone. Yeah I’m reliant on English translations sorry about it only made it to preschool Hangul level. And the whole ‘don’t have to watch the drama’ please I need to cos I want to watch specifically for the eye coordination and flaring of HB nostrils. This is going to be so much fun!

    • Yes being in love is cheesy get over it. The whole country knows they’re just doing this drama to announce their relationship and maybe possible marriage. Stop being jealous your bias could never be popular enough to get that kind of devotion from an A lister like him. They’ll be the most beautiful and powerful couple in Korea and you can just keep reading their cheesy interviews and fine with jealousy.

      • still it so cringey, which makes it so laughable there’s no need for him to hype it that way since they are both an a-lister he is acting like duhhhh! It makes me like them less if they will take that path of media play. They can announce their marriage anyway no need for all those cheesiness. LOL.

    • Love your comment Ginger Crunch. I recognize your dry sense of humour. We can be both fans of the actor yet be cynical about their approach to publicity. It’s all part of the SK entertainment business survival skills. If you have watched The Beauty Inside starring Seo Hyun Jin you would know what I am talking about. The massive PR machine hypes, scandals created to cover another scandal or a real relationship, media interviews, staged photos, dating denying trope by agencies are all part of the game to keep artistes in the limelight. Everyday, there are younger idols/actors emerging so the seasoned veterans need to stay relevant and trending. I know HB and SYJ are both titans and untouchables but even then their popularity will fade one day amidst the new talents emerging and their fan base start to get old with them. I look forward to the K-drama and the real drama from now till next year.

  2. Isn’t HB dating SYJ? Very rare to see dating couple working as leads in the same production.
    Well, maybe this will give them the extra push to say I do. Afterall they are not young, about time!

  3. SYJ is a much better fit for him then his last actress. They had no chemistry but with SYJ you can already tell it’s going to be a sizzling chemistry. They were super cute during Negotiation promotions thankfully that chemistry won’t be wasted.

    • Hoping for happy ending in real life but not holding my breath after what happened to Song couple and Gu Hye Sun debacles. Sigh. People can proclaim love, dated, married but then real life sets in. Wishing them the best and break the negative trend. In the meantime, the PR and hype will last till next year I suppose. Only time will tell, the best benefit of hindsight.

    • Very well said, none of his costars are close to Son Ye Jin’s talent and beauty nowonder Hyun Bin has no restrain on voicing his love and admiration to our beautiful Ye Jin.

      • Bitter much to compare Son Ye Jin to his other costars because she is also not a wow actress herself. You can only degrade his other costars if the world all see Son Ye Jin as the best. I have watch all his dramas and movies, some of his costars are way better and prettier than Son Ye Jin.

  4. @Dino Yeah I do like cheesy as in grated; sliced and whatever else is going. Oh and I’m biting at the bit cos I’m soooo jealous that HB can’t be with the 100 actresses that I like. Damn I’m so unlucky. Marriage that would be a score for both of them. Do I care enough? Not really; Are they dating? Don’t know but I know my interest in this lol drama went from zero to 10 so yeah keep the syrupy interviews and hot pics of HB flowing cos it is definitely getting me all piqued and keen to see this love story unravel. And for the record I love SYJ and HB so unsure how I need to get over it? You know my first post I was being sacastic aye?

  5. He’s looking very handsome, can’t wait to see this new drama of him. Miss him already so I hope this drama is a good one like Memories Of The Alhambra.

  6. I reckon this is a publicity stunt since January 20-22 when photos of them shopping together in LA were “suddenly shot” by tabloid reporters and shared in social media. At the same time, a “nosy” netizen reported seeing HB having lunch with SYJ’s parents in LA and shared it in SNS, lol. For the past 9 years of HB dating either Song Hye Kyo or Kang Sora, no photos were ever taken by Dispatch or dodgy Taiwanese/Chinese tabloid paparazzi reporters chasing them or a netizen spotted HB having lunch with SHK and KSR’s parents. The publicity timing was impeccable though. Negotiation flopped but interest in them being an OTP pair strong (translate to potential good PR in future, business revenue income). MOA ending finale flopped in Jan, angering fans, needed a distraction, voila LA shopping photos scandal emerged, both agencies made a show of denying twice. Come April/May, drama together story floated. Got fans all excited cue the dating, wedding bells! How cute, drama just an excuse to break wedding news. Then July/August confirmed drama. Next, magazine shoots start, interviews, hype right until drama ends. Actors happy, fans happy, entertainment reporters happy, all win-win situation. BTW, I am a fan of the HB SYJ pairing so I’m only speaking like in a tongue-in-cheek humour. After the Song couple and Gu Hye Sun debacles, not holding out for happy endings anymore. Where this couple is set to break the trend is a story I am looking forward to till next year. After watching the Beauty Inside, I gained some tips of how SK entertainment world works. The real relationship gets unnoticed but the fake ones are very noisily staged for all the world to see. Bring on the drama!

    • They are an item already or else Ye Jin won’t go hide her self this long. She even appeared at Hyun Bins Mediheal event and it’s a private event. So sorry girl but they’re real and not publicity stunts like some people are claiming them to be.

      • @Sherry, I respect your opinion. However, people has short memory of SYJ maybe having a homosexual tendency. She admitted in asianjunkie.com/2015/05/08 interview saying “Do I have homosexual disposition? Yes, I think I do. I’ll get in trouble for saying this (laugh).” There was a scandal in 2013 where she was rumoured to be involved in a love triangle with SNSD’s Yuri and Han Ye Seul. I believe every rumour has a pinch of truth in it. I also don’t see SYJ’s agency threatening to sue Asian Junkie reporter or netizens for spreading malicious lesbian rumours. If not true her agency would sue like SHK’s agency did with her divorce. If Mediheal event is private so why are there pictures of HB in Google that showed him signing autographs for fans at the event on Mar 13? Anyway, I am happy that HB can turn SYJ back to the male charms and prevent her from being tangled up with lesbian rumours again. Korean parents are very conservative so I am happy that HB’s parents are supportive of SYJ if they are dating now.

      • Err secret garden shippers strike again i remember your comment before how you claim Ha ji won is hyunbin’s secret gf and that his public relationship before are all publicity stunts lol.

      • Son Ye-jin did NOT appear “at Hyun Bin Mediheal event”! It was L&P Cosmetic celebrating their 10th anniversary and the product that she endorses is by L&P Cosmetic. Facts matter!

    • Love it @Media Observer thank you because I agree with your observation ‘the real relationship gets unnoticed but the fake ones are very noisily staged for all the world to see’. Whatever is happening with HB and SYJ good luck to them both either way it’s an exciting lead in to their drama.

      • Thank you Ginger Crunch. Just playing the devil’s advocate. I love to be proven wrong though after all the divorce news. Need my rainbows and unicorns. Lol.

    • Ok I found the “Mediheal” event (m.upnews.kr/news/newsview.php?ncode=1065600388729071) where HB and SYJ are “together.” It was a L&P Cosmetic 10 year anniversary celebration event. L & P Cosmetics owns Mediheal in which HB is their brand model. SYJ is also there as a brand model of Witch Factory, a subsidiary of L & P Cosmetics. They posed on a stage/podium separately for photographers to take their photos. Actress Kim J-Won also there at same event as a brand model for Mediheal. Attended by internal staff of, brand models and business partners. Lol.

  7. Lol I see that many shippers are mad and angry because Son Ye Jin is the one to capture Hyun Bin’s heart. She is so undeniably talented and sweet compared to all his other costars to make him going all out about his admiration to her. People just leave them alone because as everyone can see he is head over heels for Son Ye Jin. Fighting Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

    • Don’t forget, HB once said that ‘Han JiMin is the most beautiful leading lady he ever had.

      Careful the way you drag her past co-stars cos your fave maybe one of them someday. But with all happening now in sokor. I am wishing them a happy ending anyway. Just dont be so arrogant, the way you deliver comparing to the pasts leading ladies of HB.

    • Lol really because I don’t see it in the same light. Putting down his other costars are insecurity of you. I don’t care about how amazing their chemistry are but you shouldn’t be to ignorant. His other costars are amazing actresses like Kim Sun Ah to Lee Bo Young and now Han Ji Min.

  8. OMG please @binjin don’t take what we are saying to heart and yes let them be a couple it’s no worries at all the posts here are just frivolous no harm intended. We are supporting them too in their upcoming drama. I always thought she was linked with Kim Nam Gil but I’m happy either way.

  9. Aigoo, when I quoted website links on actual events backing up my opinions to debunk a myth, I am being labelled insecure, mad, angry. I did say “BTW I am a fan of HB-SYJ pairing, speaking in tongue-in-cheek in my first comment but that sentence got ignored. I am not at all bitter or jealous about HB dating SYJ if that is true. Yes, it is possible to be a fan of an actor/actress yet be cynical about media reports implying they are dating. I don’t hate them just not believing the hype of dating. Two completely different scenarios. I happily offer to be their wedding celebrant or officiator in 6 months’ time. Break out the champagne bottle. Lol. I am just stating my opinions and theories. Just as everyone is free in this blog to voice their own opinions.

    • I still remember your posts about HB & HJW involved in a “secret relationship” in koala’s post dated January 21, 2019 so I don’t buy your “i’m a fan of HB-SYJ pairing”. You are just a delusional Sega fan that won’t quit saying bitter things about any of HB’s relationship. Anyone can see through the craziness in your previous posts.

  10. Love Hyun Bin so much for his acting and his quiet reserved personality about his personal life. I don’t know if he and Son Ye Jin is really dating or not but if it’s true I support him all the way. But if he continues to promote his drama and continued to feed fans these kind of cheesy
    things about his girlfriend to grab attention for their drama and relationship. He’slosing me as a huge fans of his. I love the more professional Hyun Bin who’s always admitting his relationships but is professional and up right at the same times… A reason to why I never like Song Joong Ki and actors like him. Well hope the best for Hyun Bin and his new drama. Hopefully I don’t end up putting him in the Song Joong Ki category.

    • Count me as one too. Lol I don’t mind their love story but to be this cheesy act is ?. Seem they really trying heart to promote their drama and relationship. I would be awe if he kept it simple like his recent relationship. To be honest their movie The Negotiation is Mehhh and very boring. Their performance are very bland too so hopefully they make a hit with this new drama. Lol to their shippers that are now putting down his other costars.

      • Personaly I did finish The Negotiation because I was excited about him taken a different role aside from his usual characters. But I was disappointed the movie was very bland and have no depth or a strong background. I fall asleep on some part because both characters and performance is just not entertaining. It’s all over the place, Hyun Bin did no justice to help the movie either. I might get fried for stating my opinion but Son Ye Jin and him have no chemistry which makes the movie even more boring. She’s very bland in this role. Many people who have seen this movie have the same reviews on how bad it is. But hey it got enough love in South Korea and I heard some say it’s a hit. So congrats to both at least they tried. I personaly wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone unless they are a shipper. About comparing his other costars to Son Ye Jin, to each their own depending on their preference of acting and performance. I have seen all Son Ye Jin’s movies because I’m a movies holic and would watch anything that’s available for me. I won’t say she is the best actress because I have had seen some that are better than her. Everyone has their own craft and style of acting. Some of Hyun Bin past costars are very good actresses that I really like and always look forward to their works but I won’t name them. I just hope with all these cheesy treats he’d been feeding to the fans pays off. Especially if it’s for his dating rumors and his drama. Or else it’ll be a let down for me because it’s very unnecessary. I personaly dislike actors who uses their relationship to attract attention to gain support. That’s a big turn off. I don’t support that.

    • Count me in third. Shame on them to use the so-called dating rumour for promo. Is there anything else to showcase here? I really don’t care who they are with. The movie Negotiation is a snoozefest, it gave me a good sleep on the plane.

      • Agreed shame on them for using their dating rumors to media play their up coming drama. Very unprofessional from two actors people’s claim to be alister. To me Alister don’t use media play, they strive for the best. It’s very disappointing of Hyun Bin for going this far. The Negotiation is really boring and sluggish. Performance are bad too.

      • It’s very unnecessary to promote their drama in such way to gain attention and support. Very unprofessional especially when it’s from an actor like Hyun Bin who claims to base everything on his hard work and performance. Too cringey! Hopefully with all these hype and cheesy promotion, the drama would hit big.

    • I think it is unfair for HB being judged this way. It’s not the first time he made this kind of comment about SYJ. I remembered he said those exact words in Star live talk while they were doing promotions for Negotiation. Here is the link https://youtu.be/x3j9wq7DwQ0
      Back then nobody said a thing about those comments and now because of the rumour suddenly everyone is so sensitive about their every moves. If they used the rumour to promote the coming drama then clearly they haven’t done enough. They avoided being photographed with each other even though being in the same Mediheal event, use a group photo for the script reading instead of two main actors photo like other drama, SYJ hasn’t updated her IG since Feb and she didn’t even do anything to promote the drama in her IG unlike Kong Hyo Jin for example, doing promotion for her new drama on IG. They clearly don’t want their private lives to overshadow their drama. They are professional actors and should be respected.

      • He’s being judged base on his up right characters he show case to his fans. They are very used to the more professional Hyun Bin so if he somehow starting to be cheesy like this it’s a turn off. No one care if they are dating or not because appearance they are his fans and not shippers. Your a shipper so you don’t find it cringey.

      • Actually them as you pointed out, how HB saying those flowery words and SYJ doing a MIA since their rumored scandal just adding up the insinuation of the audience about the rumor that they denied.

        At the end, better them be real for what they denied. Such a show-off and turn-off for these so called a-listers. LOL!

  11. Sad but true I’m starting to like Hyun Bin less and less now. He’s been media playing his drama with Son Ye Jin lately and I find it so cringey. If they are dating why denying when he didn’t for his past relationship. They know fans will support them. Not my business but I find him less attractive nowadays. The reason he became my bais was his personality but I will still watch the drama for him.

  12. I get that people are talking ship or not to ship but can we all stop for a minute and talk about how HB looks like WWW’s Morgan on the second pic?

    • Morgan is hot! HB was hot… ooops he still is… a bit….. I think I like Morgan better now 🙂 Too much with the ships, The Negotiation movie is an absolute boredom, I watched it free on the plane. SYJ does not have much to offer.

  13. Lol to the Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin shippers who are all over the place retarding about how some fans are getting turned off from Hyun Bin recent stances. These commenters felt embarrassed because he’s been feeding the media about not dating her but at the same time doing so many cover about how she make him feeling thrilled. Too cheesy and too cheap for their love and drama promotion. Especially to those that claimed people are just too jealous called him media play. Shippers and real fans are two different world. Lmaooooo when I always thought Hyun Bin is an Alister, but probably not for too if he continues to go down this path. As a comment above, I was so turned off by Song Joong Ki during his DOTS time going around talking about how amazing Song Hye Kyo is. If Hyun Bin later come out saying oh we fall in love after the drama Crashed Landing Of Love, I’ll will be disappointed. I support who ever he date but not his cheesy promotion.

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