Hyun Bin an Son Ye Jin Spotted in Switzerland Filming for tvN Drama Crash Landed Love

I still remember a year ago seeing pictures of Hyun Bin in Spain filming tvN drama Memories of Alhambra, so it’s kinda deju vu to see him this year in Switzerland filming upcoming Crash Landed Love. The premise is rather hokey – Son Ye Jin plays a South Korean chaebol heiress who crash lands in North Korea and is saved by Hyun Bin’s officer and they promptly fall in love. With this kind of silliness the hook is in the execution, the ability of the leads to transcend likely silly dialogue and outlandish situations to make viewers believe they are falling in love and the emotions feel real. Acting-wise the two leads have what it takes so they just need to generate raw chemistry and I’ll buy whatever cockamamie story they are selling because HOMG the visuals to come are top-notch.


Hyun Bin an Son Ye Jin Spotted in Switzerland Filming for tvN Drama Crash Landed Love — 7 Comments

  1. So in other words, we’ll all just ogle at the beautiful couple gracing our screens, all the while trying very hard to ignore the silly storyline or possibly even a terribly sucky plot like trying to shoo away a pesky fly that just wouldn’t let you enjoy the delicious meal in front of you. I have a very good feeling that’s what I’ll be doing when this drama airs. Hope I’ll able to finish the drama before I swat that fly dead. 🙂

  2. I probably watch the first few episodes just for HB visuals. Plot sounds quite empty, not sure how the drama can drag on for 16 episodes… there should be no suspense since the title says it all already, true? This can be all accomplished within the first episode, boom bang done ? unlike MOA which I was following it’s gaming story.

  3. I’m down for HB and SYJ but moreso the second leads SJH and KJH. Crashed Landed love title is a thousand times better then Emergency love landing imo and yeah the script/storyline is the key to this drama. Acting talent is there no qualms with that I just hope the story holds it together as 16 episodes is quite an intensive feat to accomplish.

  4. Clearly nobody will be watching this for the plot so lets not even try and decipher the meaning behind every episode and let me just enjoy those visuals. Turn off your brains before you tune into this one.

  5. I will watch for the scenery in Switzerland alone and OTP visuals. As for the story, suspend all logic, tune the brain out and pray the second leads will also help prop up the show a bit. Sometimes, a silly plot line works provided the supporting cast is hilarious like Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. My Caucasian hubby was rolling on the couch laughing at the gangsters being beaten up by Bong Soon and Bong Soon’s campy team leader at work even when hubby doesn’t understand a word of Korean.

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