Suzy Fights Alongside and Falls for Lee Seung Gi in New Teaser Preview for Vagabond

In the few years that Suzy and Lee Seung Gi have matured since their first collaboration in sageuk Gu Family Book, and moving their characters up a few hundred years to modern times, some things never change. In the latest Suzy-centric teaser for upcoming SBS action thriller Vagabond, she still reads her dialogue so flat and it’s distracting against the backdrop of action scenes. Like she’s laying in bed telling him to trust her lol, but the action sequences look great with plenty of chemistry to spare between the leads. Whatever is lacking in believability factor with Suzy, I see Lee Seung Gi making up for it with his angry vigilante energy shooting sparks everywhere.

Suzy teaser for Vagabond:


Suzy Fights Alongside and Falls for Lee Seung Gi in New Teaser Preview for Vagabond — 57 Comments

  1. All the same old Suzy, same old cliche looking drama, I want to feel this I really do but unfortunately am not feeling it…. I hope they change my mind somehow.

    • Why do good writers and PDs waste their drama on types of Suzy when they can get very talented actress at much lesser price? It’s not like big stars win ratings these days.
      Why does Suzy never work on improving her acting skills? Even a rock can act with constant practice. Despite getting one big chance after another why does she not feel embarrased of all of negative comments directed at her?
      She has money and resources at her disposal to get best training. But no, these stralets take everything for granted.
      Imagine a sports person getting Olympics ticket despite poor performance or a medical student getting degree despite failing his exams !
      When we can’t tolerate inefficiency in other work fields then why with the acting?
      It’s not like acting is a joke. It’s a very tough job and it takes decades for actors to grab the nuances.
      I feel it’s really abhorrent how these lazy actors/actresses don’t take their profession seriously and make mockery out of the K- dramas. There is nothing to learn from them except art of making money.
      Suzyiaaaah! atleast you can learn to deliever your lines properly. If you don’t have passion for acting then better retire so that viewers can take K dramas and profession of acting seriously…?

      • @Female – all very good, valid points you made there.

        But the truth is she gets hired because PPL pays for drama budgets, and she hasca lot of endorsements = more PPL potential. I think it’s ridiculous for writers and PDs to be wasting so much time trying to make her acting look slightly better when she’s been acting for 8 years and still like this.

        Also her fans love to bash Park Shin Hye but PSH had done You’re Beautiful, Cyrano Agency and Flower Boy Next Door by the time she was younger than Suzy is now, and I don’t see Suzy ever putting out a performance as good as those. The old excuse used to be “Suzy is an idol, PSH’s job is actress” even when Suzy had no idol activities. Wonder what their excuse for this performance will be now that Suzy left her idol agency for an acting agency lol – do you think they’ll blame the PD? The writer? Anything other than admit her own lack of talent is the ptoblem.

  2. After reading the director’s interview, I think there are several reasons for her casting, just my assumption. First, the budget, they need someone can attract investors. Second, they need an actress can do action scenes. Third, seems like they had a hard time casting actress for this drama. She is popular, can do action scenes and gladly accepted this project, that’s all they need to make this drama come true. As for acting, I can only hope and pray she’s improving for the sake of the cast and for herself too because she isn’t newbie anymore, no more excuse for her acting.

  3. Her fans call her Legend for this terrible acting. Their standards have fallen so low. Now look like late 90s has some pure real actresses emerging who can act and these terrible idol actresses has ruined so many shows. They could’ve casted someone like kim tae ri who is getting popular and can act circles around this wooden piece of plank. Unlike suzy these actresses has to work hard to get roles. This idol actres has banked on male leads like yoona and when suzy got her own movie few years back flopped hard. Even yoona was flopping for years before exit movie where script director and male lead worked hard to make it hit. Funny yoona and suzy fans try to credit them. First of all how can someone be fan of these bad actresses?

    • KTR has a steady movie career why would she do dramas? Suzy has a mass fan following so no matter how much you dislike her acting as long as she has the bigger fan base she’ll be the first pick of most directors and writers. We can keep going back and forth on this but it won’t change what is real even if it is unfair. Suzy and other big named idol actresses have big companies and strong fan bases to back them for the rest of their careers. They’ll move on to being serious actresses in the eyes of the public at some point I mean IU is already there and Yoona is on her way to success as well. Suzy, Hyeri and Seolhyun are getting better scripts than any of their counterparts. Look at the awful scripts PSH, KSR and PBY get and its always some weird romance drama and compare that to the variety of scripts these girls are getting. Recently only GA and SSK have started getting a broader range of scripts but these girls are already hitting 30 and its a little late in their career to be branching out.

      • I thought PSH has a hugh fanbase. MOA script is good, just that her acting sucks. SSK is always good in sagueks and she has also done modern dramas (although not as good), so saying SSK is late in branching out is wrong. SSK is 2 months younger than Yoona, so your nonsense theory about big named idol actresses is not valid.

      • Is there really that big acting difference between Suzy and PSH? Aren’t they both differently but equally bad? Suzy has better kiss scenes and maybe a bigger fandom but yeah they both need acting classes. Maybe Suzy takes more risks with her characters but they aren’t that broad or varied at the end of the day. PSH we all know does the same character her whole career with flower boy or popular actors.

      • Candy ny biases r not over the hill. And they still earn more. My bias jun ji hyun recently got big alien movie offer as main lead which was confirmed and she is in discussion . Shk already was in talk with hyena show which she refused. U think iu will get that when she will be her age lol! So when u come for my bias come with atleast facts. My bias is s tier actress who holds so much aura that dhe can take break and still make millions from cfs and offers will never be short. Can iu afford break? She suzy types know the break will destroy them lol. Comparing iu to ts wont make her taylor swift in success. It was about her weak vocals and ts can sell albums

      • Excuse me? I am trying to straighten you out about IU. She is not my bias, but she is not that bad for you to bash. Leave the talented one alone please. Your bias cannot sing, not one has sold any records ever. I have been to IU’s concert & she can sing live perfectly. What about yours? Not one with a voice let alone writing music. So you should refrain from commenting about music, period!! This is not your area. Suzy cannot do anything so she’s your to trash ? Enjoy.

  4. @yura no 90s actresses doing well now. Ktr has became cf queen after mr sunshine and is a proven actress. Iu suzy yoona will never be respected as actress. Iu just got one hit drama and people like u think she is great lol. Yoona was flopping for years and finally got hit bcoz of male lead and director and script wheras seolhyun drama flopped. hyeri has done nthng after reply show…Suzy always bank on male leads. so no.
    Directors r giving real actresses chance too. SSK is already a cf queen whereas psh is doing well too and her drama r hit too. ur point is invalid.
    Yoona suzy hyeri iu will be over when they hit their late 30s. They wont last like taehyeji. period!
    Late 90s real actresses has started doing well. Kim so hyun kim yoo jung became cf queen at age of 17 when love in moonlight became bb. Whereas suzy and types will be replaced by new set of bad idol actresses.
    Real actresses r going nowhere. And future looks bright with new emerging pure actresses. N ssk is of yoona’s age and has already better acting career. your point is useless
    suzy will be over at taehyeji age

    • IU has two hit dramas – HDL and MA. IU is a good actress. Please do not group her with Suzy and especially Hyeri. No comment on Yoona coz she is older and approaching 30. IU will not be over at late 30s. She can sing, write songs, act – very multi-talented, one of a kind. IU cannot be replaced, she will always have her spot in music and now in acting. Name another female celebrity who can cover so many different areas in K-entertainement. This is my honest opinion.

      • Covering so many fields doesnt makes j gud. She is song writer. Her voice is weak as well just like taylor swift bad singer.
        Hotel shit whit is only show which was sold on hk sisters and grand sets and fashion. Whereas my mister was decent drama but not any big hit first of all. The producers was sold on kim soo hyun name and had gong hye .. whereas we all know how she destroyed scarlett moon. She has no visuals and will have no acting career in mid 30s Where as will be singing osts fot dramas as her album and digitals will shrink with most singers in their 30s. Her albim sales r bad too. She is just digitals

      • IMO IU is good, not the best, but certainly good enough. You obviously don’t have an answer to my question. What’s the point of talking so much about when she is in mid 30s, it’s still a long way to go, while your bias are almost over the hill. You sound very jealous of young people. There is no creditability to your predictions. Being Taylor Swift is great, do you know how many concerts she has sold out?

    • Hey we know who you are just because you changed your name doesn’t mean you’ve disguised yourself. Stop ranting about late 90s actresses those are still children and far from ever reaching IU, Suzy or Yoona level and they are definitely not CF stars not even by a long shot. If BP and Twice members start acting those girls will get overshadowed just like all the current 92-96 line actresses have been overshadowed by idol actresses. Neither IU, Yoona or Suzy will be over by the time they reach taejihye age and who said taejihye was still relevant? Korea hates SHK, KTH can’t act to save her life and JJH can only do her My Sassy Girl role over and over again she has no versatility. Taejihye is also is semi retirement for the last 5-6 years with hardly any acting projects. Having CFs doesn’t mean anything especially since they all endorse local brands while IU, Suzy and Yoona are global ambassadors for big brands. Just stop with your nonsense against idol actresses. They’ll continue to dominate over your faves.

      • I get that you’re angry but please let’s be rational about this ok..both SHK and JJH are S-tier actresses, a level that not everyone can easily achieve. No comeback from them doesn’t mean they don’t get offers. Top stars can afford to be choosy you know. Why do you think WB is still so relevant? And Korea hates SHK? Where do you get that information from? Nate? NB? Even if she’s hated, her dramas still managed to get high ratings. She’d dealt with a bigger issue before, but did that stop Koreans from watching DotS and Encounter? Products she endorses are sold out, her articles are always on trending topics. If someone as huge as SHK or JJH is considered irrelevant, then what do you call other actresses? Lol

      • @Aisa I get that you’re angry but please let’s be rational about this ok..both SHK and JJH are S-tier actresses, a level that not everyone can easily achieve. No comeback from them doesn’t mean they don’t get offers. Top stars can afford to be choosy you know. Why do you think WB is still so relevant? And Korea hates SHK? Where do you get that information from? Nate? NB? Even if she’s hated, her dramas still managed to get high ratings. She’d dealt with a bigger issue before, but did that stop Koreans from watching DotS and Encounter? Products she endorses are sold out, her articles are always on trending topics. If someone as huge as SHK or JJH is considered irrelevant, then what do you call other actresses? Lol

      • Omg who is hiding my name? Wow i m so scared u found my old name. Ouch what will u do? Lol ur delusion if u think wooden suzy iu yoona r bigger than taehyeji. It shows how blind delusion tard u r!!! They are still relevant and make huge vucks bcoz of their brand. Unlikr suzy iu yoons who cant take year offs bcoz they are replaceable
        No twice members not gonna overshadow late 90s girls.
        Jjh shk kth are s tier actresses and are called goddesses of korea. Jjh earns way more per cf than suzy when she was at her age. Pls do your research. Suzy cf salary falls around 600 700 million eon whereas jjh earns 1.5 million usd per cf. More than double
        And do your research properly jjh kth shk brands are big brands and high end brands more than suzy who appears for every other damn brand. Still cant outearn then. Shk was invited to newyork fashion week which suzy will never. Yoona was irrelevant for years before a movie
        Idol actresses are bad and real actresses will always be better.
        Jjh shk kth were already iconic at their age.
        U mocking jjh shk acting skilla for wooden suzy iu u r really blind fan . Idol actresses suck and will never be respected
        Twice members will never overshadow kim so hyun and others who r emerhing fast and they have already got huge cfs

      • @ sunshine she is so delusional. She called jjh shk irrelevant. The actresses whose longevity goes 2 devades. Other actress if their gen who were their rivals in 2000s has been forgetton. This aisa dont even know lee young ae still to day earns highest cf salary when she went on hiatus for 12 years. That is s tier actresses.
        Yoona suzy iu cant afford breaks. Iu will comeback with music without shows. Suzy never take breaks and yoona was flopping big tine and hasnt made cf lists for years.
        And she says they are bigger than taehyeji. Delusional defines her

      • @YoonaSuzycantact Idk if you’re really a fan of SHK or not but I would appreciate it if you can stop dragging her into your arguments. She doesn’t deserve this.

      • @Candy young used to take break too. Jjh shk took breaks tok in their 20s. Likes of iu suzy types cant bcos they will be over. They cant afford to.
        Queens r old too bad. Your iu will never be queen!! She us bad actress for me n u need to stop shoving down ur opinion. Wont chnage mine . Even if u write 100 times. Atleast suzy has looks. Iu is ugly

      • @mary who d fck r u to order me around? u dont have to feel bad for s tier actresses when u stan for mediocre stuff like suzy iu types. They will be over when they reach goddess’s ages. They are pathetic and so r u

      • Agree with you. What the point to discuss 90′ generation. This is business, acting is about act, work hard and money.Good acting but lazy and only make movie or drama /2-3 years is not enough. May be suzy acting’s skill is not come close to the haters standard, but she become international brand ambassador, has many cf, producer and PD nim love her, fans crazy about her, her co star praise her highly (LSG), and all of this, she looks very happy, her life is full of fulfillment. Just wait and see what vagabond big impact in her career after all she had done in years of filming

    • Candy my bias jjh and shk r s tier actresses like your bias lee young ae who can take break for years and will never be short of offers. Jjh recently got alien movie offered where she is in talks and that movie is big bduget which iu type idol will never get. Shk refused big show bcoz of divorce and she can. They are not over the hills and still going strong after 2 decades. But iu suzy can never take breaks. Iu will release music bcoz she knows a couple ofyears break and she will be finished. Same with suzy wooden plank . Jjh can sit home and make more money from cfs than these idols.and will nev3r be short of offera. If u come for ky biases like jjh and shk, u will never win. They are queens. Iu suzy will never have that aura. And ts comparison was about voice. Ts is album seller and sold out showsm iu isnt. She can sell cheap singles

      • When IU in her late 30’s, all your bias will be over the hill. SMH you cannot even read properly. How many times you have to repeat the same thing here? Are you demented??

      • @yoonasuzycantact girl please grow the fck up. are you 12? bashing idol actresses isn’t gonna stop them from being popular lmao. you sound like a bitter child. i feel bad for song hye kyo and jun ji hyun for having a fan like you.

  5. She looks too young and too pretty. I didn’t feel the spy aura she should have. By example, Kim So Yeon was not good at sport, but in IRIS she killed her role as a North Korea spy.

  6. This aisa member is so delusional. Calling jjh shk irrelevant when they are still at top for 2 decades and jjh recently got big alien movie offer which suzy types will never get lol!! She is in position to relax for years and all producers lineup for her to carry such big movies. That is called s tier goddess. Shk and jjh r s tier goddesses. And she talked about their cfs being cheap when jjh shk endorse high end brands and get invited to big event all thr time. When jjh shk average way more salary lol. But suzy cant catch a break. Have to appear everywhere bcoz she knows if she takes break another plastic will take over lol. Yoona flop acting career is there before exit movie where she was d last reason it became hit.
    And she talks about versatile when she stans suzy yoona hyeri iu of all people. So delusional. Suzy will be finished by their age and will be like another han ga in types. And yes they will be replaced by new gen of bad idols whereas real actresses will shine. I m glad kim tae ri ssk have picked up in their careers without any compamy and now getting top work. Kim tae ri already huge movie superstar!! Kim so hyun anoyher late 90s actress have emerged so fast and no twic e member will beat her. Cant wait to see suzy fadr away in her late 30s along with plasyic yoona

  7. Suzy looks amazing and its a big budget production which will take her career to even higher levels. Her Athletic and flexability timing is showcased and extrordinary for a girl her age. Wow cant wait.?

    • Me too. Suzy’s skill in action genre is no doubt, we can see it in GFB. In Vagabond she was training with pistol. PD nim and writer got happy when she took the role

  8. @candy no they will be still more relevant than your iu who will be finished along with suzy. Go hyun jung is still active in her late 40s. Lee yojng ae still get cf deals. Jjh shk will be doing fine . Buut iu types will be replaced by new idols. So no my biases wont be over the hill as much as u want it but your iu will surely be over. And u think u can bully me by mocking me. Not gonna happen.
    Queens r old ok. Too bad iu suzy typed will never be s tier queens. Many girls has given hit dramas in 2000s but they r over now when they reach jjh shk age. Same will happen with iu suzy

    • I believe yours will be over the hill sooner than the younger ones. Do you know what “over the hill” means? Everyone will get old one day, at the same rate. How can you compare a 37 year old with a 26 year old? And you think I am mocking you? ?? You think I am bullying you? ???? You are really a very insecure person ???? LOL.

      • @candy u can disagree with me but u were mocking me bcoz i dont find ur beloved iu good. I have no probem if u find her meryl streep but y to mock others who find her bad! Then u say my faves r over the hill which i thought they are finished to get back at me. Hence argument got heated. I have no issues with your opinion. we r clearly on different pages

      • Yes we are totally on different pages and at different age groups too. At your age I don’t think you can see IU being over the hill. She is not my bias, but I just don’t think she is as bad as you have painted her. You said Suzy has “looks”? To me Suzy looks like Bugs Bunny. Obviously our taste is very different too.

    • Using smilies wont make your cmmnt funny!. U meant my biases will be finished. Nope they wont bcoz their projects are great . I have nothing to be insecure. My faves r doing it for 2 decades now. Yes u r . U r focing me to say iu is good whom i dont find good. Y forcing your narrative on me? I wont change my opinion. She sucks for me

      • those are not smilies. You make me LAUGH. I don’t mean to be funny, but your comments are very hilarious. When did I say your biases will be finished? when?? You are seriously one very insecure person. I never force anyone because I don’t care what you think. I just want to state my opinions here. And I disagree with you.

  9. Looking at the pics I wish they didn’t push the romance angle or at least held off until later on in the drama because now it’s predictable. If they stuck to the whole crime/thriller/pursuit tangent it would have more substance and as an objective both are determined to find out what happened in that plane crash our focus wouldn’t be marred by a their pending romance. Having these pictures of the leads hugging is a tease and dilutes the storyline. It would have worked just as a spy, thriller, crime drama drop the romance because imo that will be it’s Achilles heel.

      • @hypo You are seriously like a rash following me around bwwaahhhh Oh and now I’m a HYPROCRITE told you before it was HIPPOCRIP! Ohhh I roasted you and you’re still beefing so I do pity you. Told you before I have 100’s of biases and ah sorry you got your snout out of joint when you saw me here. Keep changing your username your illiterate posts are still the same to show your low IQ. Best laugh for the day you still itching from yesterday.

      • @hypo Gosh why can’t you add some commentary to the thread? Is it because you can’t write properly? Just go use google translate to help you out. It’s a new day, new post, new thread but you just can’t move on. Let me help you…stand a bit to the side I’ll throw you a line grab on tight and climb up and hopefully you’ll get over it.?

      • @hypo Do you even read the posts or are you just enraged when you see my username? Your post doesn’t make sense. I need to “go and brag about my ugly biases on their forums?” At least elaborate on how this ties in with what I wrote here.

      • @Hyprocrite Hope you’re reading this you coward come back and reply since you think you’re all that. I will belittle you to the extreme because you offer nothing and are nothing. If I post on other articles and you respond to me directly with your small brained reply be warned now cretin.

  10. That dumb as rocks Song Hye Kyo/Jun Ji Hyun fan spamming in the comments here needs to grow up. You think bashing younger idol actresses are going to take away their success? i thought only idols had toxic fans but you elitist “real actress” stans need to learn to stop are trash on this site.

    • That’s one toxic idiot fan who’s calling even good idol-actors (IU) bad, compared to how many toxic and immature idol-actor defenders and actor-bashinbmg idol fans we’ve been seeing for how many years now?

      • @unroyal u , u r one big idiot who think iu is a good actress and mock others who have different opinions. U r no less toxic than idol actresses fans.I dont like bad wooden pieces and i have right to share my opinion. Iu sucks and her fans as well and her defenders and those who think she is good. Their standards r low

      • @yoonasuzycantact
        I’m not an Idol actor fan, but I think you’re too much. Suzy,cha eunwoo, hyeri, they cant act, we can agree with that, but talking bad about their physic totally not right.
        And there’s still many idol actors who can act like im shiwan, park hyungsik. They’re totally better than pure-actors like lee minho to be honest.

    • @MARY U R THE ONE DUMBA*SS idol fangurl who need to growup and stop ordering people around who dont praise pathetic wooden planks like iu suzy yoona.. and u idol actresses fans pull them down all the time. yes i stan elite actresses who have earned their career on merit unlike suzy yoona iu types. Trash are idol fans who mock real actresses! u r getting ur own dose of medicine idol actresses fans!

      • @tiani its your opinion and i have no issue. For me lee min ho is gud enough and has proven himself over years n years since 2009. And will domiante next year. But these bad idols ruin every show

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