Kim So Hyun is a Tomboy Resisting Gisaeng Training in New Poster and Teaser for The Tale of Nokdu

There’s a new look for a Joseon sageuk female lead and it’s circa the 1980’s with bangs and a slightly curved bob. Kim So Hyun lops off her long hair in rebellion in her character teaser preview for The Tale of Nokdu, a change from her gender norm much like male lead Jang Dong Yoon cross-dresses as a widowed woman to avoid his fate in life. Sadly Kim So Hyun’s character is still going to undergo gisaeng training even with her modern shot bob but I love seeing how she fights against the patriarchy (or gisaeng matriarchy) and also falls in love with the girly side of her. Her new drama poster is so much better than the first one, love the determined and plucky look in her eyes and the soft green and white colors.

Kim So Hyun teaser for The Tale of Nokdu:


Kim So Hyun is a Tomboy Resisting Gisaeng Training in New Poster and Teaser for The Tale of Nokdu — 16 Comments

  1. The posters for this drama are gorgeous. Even the new one with JDY is beautiful. They’ve settled into their character seamlessly it’s making me excited to watch the drama.

  2. Umm..the sequence of words in the title is confusing or my english is bad? Is it supposed to be tomboy resisting? Isn’t she a tomboy resisting gisaeng training? Did I get it confused?

    The teaser and poster look are interesting and is that a magnifying glass in her hand? How cool for a woman of that era.

    • In her new poster, Kim So Hyun wears a warm smile on her face as she stands in a beautiful white and pink hanbok (traditional Korean dress). She holds a magnifying glass in order to examine the scroll in her hand, and she draws viewers in with her strong, steady gaze, which hints at her character’s firm principles and inability to tolerate injustice. The poster describes her character Dong Dong Joo as a “lively gisaeng-to-be.”

      Yes she is.. ?
      Credit Soompi

  3. As an actress KSH has grown a lot over the years. You can feel the maturity and change in her acting by just looking at the poster. Her expressions are absolutely alive in the poster and she fills the frame with her aura in the teaser. Shes truly the one of the best actresses and her ability to transform into any character is impressive.

    • Her acting ability has always been impressive but I agree it’s like she’s reached a new level in her acting. Her growth at such a young age is outstanding.??

    • Love alarm was 100% a high point in her acting a big step forward for her versatility as well. Deeply impressed with what she did with the character and it’s made me excited for her new drama even more. I’m liking the spunky feel of the character for now let’s keep it up.

  4. This drama looks so exciting! The characters are rebelling in the most funny way.

    It’s funny to see her with a new haircut for a sageuk. I’m so used to see with her icnonic long hair.

    Between this one and My Country, sageuk will be great for the second half of 2019.

  5. She is such a top visual and good actress. Will dominate from her generation. Good to see a pure real actress getting offers like this from her generation and she is still 20… the same age jjh had my sassy girl and shk had autumn in my heart. Great future ahead with real actress emerging like her without their comapnies to buy her role

  6. Once again I’m getting strong Mulan vibes: iconic self-haircut, archery, masquerading as a boy. All we need is mushu and cricket haha So it seems at least in one espisode, so Hyun character will also cross dress? It’s a first for me to see both main leads cross dress, it will be a riot for sure.

    From radio romance to love alarm to tales of nokdu, her most recent roles, all three characters are all so different from each other and under two years. I’ll have to try hard to find similarities. I’m mighty impressed. Even if this show disappoints and ends up a disaster, it’s nice seeing her challenge herself.

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