Married C-stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin Announce Pregnancy with First Baby

The speculation for weeks now has come to an end with the status of C-actress Tang Yan‘s belly. Tabloids and netizens have been on baby watch ever since Tang Yan was spotted covering up and with a maybe belly bump. This week the actress and her actor husband Luo Jin confirmed on SNS that they are indeed expecting their first child together a year after they got married in a lavish European castle fairy tale wedding, and after starring in multiple dramas together as the OTP prior to falling in love in real life. Congrats to the happy expectant parents and I’m sure they are just chugging along in the happy and growing the family train.


Married C-stars Tang Yan and Luo Jin Announce Pregnancy with First Baby — 9 Comments

  1. I am sbocked that u havent posted about goddess kim tae hee daughter yet!!! Korea is already bothered that kid got her genes or not. Lol. When u keep talking about goddess trio all d time lol. When r u going to post ?
    Btw congrats to above couple

    • Wow…reallyy… posting on the content of a Korean couple when Miss. K is writing about the happiness of a Chinese couple. How rude.

      • I wasn’t really rude! I just wanted to convey my mssg some where n i thought this pregnancy post will be better. Bcoz koalas is quite big fan of kth. Thays y only.
        Happy for couple. I hope they have good pregnancy and healthy child

  2. Congratulations to the beautiful couple. It seems most of her era C-actresses are mostly married and having babies. That’s good because the younger generation can step in. This summer there was a massive hit C-drama ‘The untamed’ but I don’t get what was do good about it.

    • The Untamed is really good, even more so for the 仙侠 genre. The leads’ acting shines out compared to other popular male celebs, the drama plot has depth and substance, and I would say the production team generally did a good job with the scenery and OSTs, the drama feels well-made on the whole. It can be confusing at the start and the first few episodes contain generally cute fluff, but the drama really picks its pace up from ep10 onwards.

      • The drama is not only a huge hit in China, it’s also very popular in Thailand. Their fanmeeting in Thailand today is a big success.

    • It was boring for the first 25 episodes. It’s a mashup of Louis Cha novels plus zombies and Tencent has tonnes of money for media play.

      • There’s only so much stuff to work on for 侠 genre, Jin Yong is the starter of WuXia afterall. The Untamed is still a refreshing drama out of all the other romance dramas we’ve been getting so far. Media play won’t get a drama this far unless the drama itself has actual substance to work with.

        But of course, to each its own, everyone has different tastes. All in all, I’m just glad I met The Untamed and Xiao Zhan this summer as this drama came to me at a crucial time when I greatly needed some sort of comfort.

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