Kim Jae Wook is the Quintessential Fall GQ Man in October Pictorial

The summer blockbuster season is fully over with dramas, shows, and movies all headed into the slower fall with hopefully temperature dropping as well. K-actor Kim Jae Wook had a chill summer after spending the late winter into early fall filming rom-com drama Her Private Life. I’m still waiting to see if there will indeed be a movie version of his scary as heck OCN drama The Guest and if not what his next role will be. In real life he’s gone back to being a walking advertisement for effortlessly handsome and this October he is in GQ Korea in a winter outerwear spread that ranges from long wool coats to fur lined motorcycle jackets. My only problem is not being able to decide which picture/coat he looks best in lol.


Kim Jae Wook is the Quintessential Fall GQ Man in October Pictorial — 9 Comments

  1. i wish kim jae wook and park shin hye come back on tv soon in rom com. its been long time seeing them in videos . bored of seeing suzy n k pop idols who dont know how to act but just getting by due to pretty faces. korean media has become stereotyped. they need a change like netflix tv series

  2. Arrgghh too hot! Can’t wait for The Guest part 2❀️ and any other drama he chooses. Not fussed at all for female leads.

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