Song Hye Kyo to Stay in New York After Attending Fall Fashion Shows for Art Class

I totally think Song Hye Kyo earned a break, from her job and from the public limelight. K-ent is reporting that the actress will be staying in New York to study art for a period of time. I’m guessing a quarter or semester at most but it’s definitely not a full course load. She was in NYC recently attending fashion shows and has not returned to Korea, and her name was seen registered for an art class. I’m glad she’s taking some time to do something enriching she likes and honestly life’s too short and tiring to not take a much needed sabbatical when she can.


Song Hye Kyo to Stay in New York After Attending Fall Fashion Shows for Art Class — 16 Comments

  1. She has always taken such breaks before too get charged up and start third decade with bang. Already 2 decades of dominance. What a career!!she has made enough money and owns huge real estate that she never has to work again. But queen keeps coming back. I hope she signs sone strong role

  2. She can live like wonbin, just living-off through cfs. So, I am fine with her not coming back to small and big screen too soon.She better off with print ads and cfs.

  3. Good for her. Heartbreaks are a part of life. It is how you close a painful past and start anew that determines your immediate future.

    I admire that she is taking the high road by focusing on her personal growth and development in a different environment. She is recharging herself away from the prying eyes and preparing for the next chapter of her life. As I’ve said before, she is living her life now in her own terms and healing at her own pace. Take a rest and come back with a new project soon!

  4. And that is how a queen recharges..With all those negative criticisms, she definitely deserves a vacation.away from the public eye and comeback with a bang..

    • I know, it’s not just any vacation but she’s going to study too? I think it’s quite cool that she tries to educate herself about new things.

  5. What art school in New York and does anyone know what her preference to study is? There are 7 types of art being Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing, and Film. I just googled that bit but it does sound exciting. I hope she doesn’t get hordes of fans hanging out around the school like HaJi Won had when she studied English in NZ and was asked to leave because it was a ruckus and caused major disruption to the rest of the class. Either way art is great therapy and I know I moved away to study for my Masters in Art when I needed time out.

    • She attend New York Academy of Art. The news didn’t mention her specific study but maybe painting or design?? I remember she once designing a bag.

    • Maybe since it’s an art course, she might work on assignments on her own a lot instead of being in a classroom where she can easily be found?

  6. She’s classy, love her more since she was hated on after the divorce by netizens without proof, and after AhnGoo mess, SHK is of another level.

  7. Sometimes I felt bad with SHK, because I know she wants to stay low, but media kept picking any news about her. And thats how all hatefull comments came to her.

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