Kim Soo Hyun and Park Min Young Attend Skincare Event in Shanghai

It’s back to work for every one in K-ent this week and headed overseas was two stars who happened to attend the same event but don’t seem to have crossed paths. Kim Soo Hyun and Park Min Young were both at the DPC Skincare brand event in Shanghai, him in all black with a beaming smile doing his best Do Min Joon impression and her donning a full length princess lace tiered gown with a square neckline. His was a tad boring and hers much too frilly but both brought their charm and A-game to rake in fan dough so good for them. C-fans were apparently super excited to see Kim Soo Hyun there for the first time in two years since he went off to the military so it’s clear his popularity withstood the absence which bodes well for his comeback project.


Kim Soo Hyun and Park Min Young Attend Skincare Event in Shanghai — 10 Comments

  1. I know it’s out of topic but I’m wondering why Ms. Koala isn’t writing about When the Camellia blooms which is getting really good ratings.

  2. KSH looks hot as always. PMY looks like a pixie-fairy gosh she never ages she looks like a 10 year old and lost in that boffy as fluffy cloud. She just needs a wand and tiara and that will complete her fancy dress up. Those damn stylists could have least chosen a sleek fitting outfit to compliment her but no once again the tragic K style is out to rep again.

  3. This three-tier princess gown would look adorable on 3 yo and not on 33 yo. Obviously she has more PS done, esp face sculpting surgery – note the differences from Healer and now.

    • I think she just lost more weight and she have longer hair now than she was on Healer. Hair can make face look different, I know cause I am the same too.. Guess she just look fab with long hair. And maintenance is alright, esp when you have plenty of money ..

    • As an aesthetic dermatologist, such chiseled face is only achievable via initial invasive procedures and regular maintenance shots of fillers and botox. Her surgeon should be commended for relatively successful PS, sans for rhinoplasty resulting in unnaturally pointy tip and dented left nostril.

  4. Well.. so many celebs doing botox and fillers lately, I would too if I have a lot of money, sighs.. I have a big nose I ask my hubby if I can have a rhinoplasty, but he said I am beautiful just the way I am.. lol.. and it’s so expensive too.. lol.. well I would like her doctor to do my nose too, I couldn’t see what’s wrong with her nose,maybe I’ve been watching too much ‘Botched’ episodes from Foxtel, which much and much more awful and horrible that I couldn’t see something wrong with PMY nose, but once again I am not an expert. Btw how much is it cost to do rhinoplasty @Almond on, I am interested to have one, are you in Brisbane Australia? I am really serious..

  5. It is nice to see Kim Soo Hyun endorsing a Korean product to his Chinese fans. I hope Koreans would appreciate him more for even as he said, in “his small way of doing his bit/part” his endorsement (if it is true that he has solid fan base in China) can help bring in money to South Korea. He may get a chunk out of CF fee but the long time effect of such to his country’s economy should not be frown upon just because he has some elite Chinese as his fans.

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