AKB48 Popular Member 17-year Old Yahagi Moeka Announces Graduation After Pictures Emerge of Her with Boyfriend at Disneyland and in Bed

The eating one’s own doesn’t just happen in K-ent, the original purveyors of idol pop Japan had it’s own scandal this week with a very young and promising rookie. 17 year old Yahagi Moeka debuted last May and rose meteorically through the ranks of AKB48 to become the fastest ever member to make a single. She was voted center already a few months ago and primed to become the new face of AKB48. Alas either jealousy from rival members or from a spurned guy led to pictures being released of her in bed with a guy, going on a date at Disneyland, and getting a piggyback from a school classmate who is reportedly her boyfriend. She announced this weekend that she is graduating from AKB48 in February 2020, way way earlier than usual for such a popular member who was slated to have years in the group. Hate seeing stuff like this keep happening and I hope she has the strength to move and not buckle under so much negative news.


AKB48 Popular Member 17-year Old Yahagi Moeka Announces Graduation After Pictures Emerge of Her with Boyfriend at Disneyland and in Bed — 12 Comments

  1. Wait, so what’s the scandal? hahaha

    I don’t see anything scandalous with the pictures taken and her having a cute boyfriend. Even if she is 17 years old, the photos look fine to me. If Jnetizens are giving her grief for this, they crazy and this is so sad.

  2. The only thing bothering me is that the boy was wearing his T-shirt inside out, and it’s dirty too (looks like it’s covered with cat’s fur or something)

    • Right xD… man right when Hyukjae was appearing in BoA’s live performances and there were so many shippers for them esp after her appearıng ın SJ’s radio program too. Then boom suddenly IU ‘accidentally’ posted her photo with ım ın bed. . . old tımes lol

  3. The supposed “scandal” here is her having a normal relationship while being a member of AKB48. That not supposed to happen and goes against the purpose of that group. They have to be available for their fans’ fantasies.

    Being a member of them means strictly following a staged formular throughout their career as a AKB48 girl until the leave the group (aka graduating from AKB48). Especially that helpless, naive and innocent lolita image that male fans get off of.

    They are wildly popular among Japanes males of all ages. Men that could be their dads or grandfathers!!!

    There are researches who argue that groups like AKB48 created/ feed the whole JK business (which is not always as harmless as it often been portrayed by the clients of those JK services).

    I’m disgusted by the system that allows underaged girls being exploited for sexualised fantasies for mens. It transfers to a real problem in real life that other underaged girls are being exploited by the Japanese obsession with very young girls. I’m not exaggerating. Just in the recent years there has being first laws that prohibit child pornografie.

    There is a difference between the Korean idol system and the Japanese one.

    • U are just a pathetic sjw who trying to force western ideals to a totally different culture. And yes, there is really a difference between Korean and Japanese idols. Japanese idols are more or less natural, dont have to be perfect, growing through training, etc. Meanwhile Koren idols are just soulless products, trained like dogs, working until fainting and get almost no money.

  4. I hope she is okay though and whoever decided to do such a low down dirty trick and release those photos. She’s only 17 years old and managed to make a name for herself as a J pop idol in such a short space time. She’s most likely has a huge fanbase to support her as a solo artist. At least she’s keeping it real. And being in love is even better.

    • I feel bad that her privacy was violated like this, she’s a minor :/ and I know it’s a problem that the idol music systems exist to feed fan fantasies, it might be better for her to get out of that kind of system instead of having to pretend she’s single for her fans.

    • Japan is a totally different world, you cant understand with western standards. Most of her fans will leave her, because it looks like she doesnt care about hurting them. Also there is the fact that she violated her contract, betrayed her company, that is a big problem in a society where respect and duty are everything.

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