Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Pair Up for Romance K-drama The Way He Remembers

The drama gods have finally steer Kim Dong Wook into a romance drama and this one sounds very swoony and potentially sad. Kim Dong Wook is in talks for MBC drama The Way He Remembers, with likely leading lady Moon Ga Young. In the typical drama opposites scenario, he’s a news anchor afflicted with a condition where he has a hyper autobiograpical memory and can recall every detail of his last 365 days while she’s an actress who has forgotten all the important moments in her life. Too bad he can give her some of his hyper memory lol. Of course their paths cross and love blossoms. As long as neither’s condition is caused by some terminal illness then I’m all good and stoked for this pairing.


Kim Dong Wook and Moon Ga Young Pair Up for Romance K-drama The Way He Remembers — 12 Comments

  1. IKR….
    When I first read this yesterday I was so darn excited… Kim Dongwook in another drama. YAY. Plus finally it’s a romance… Plus the other best news of it all is that its from Writer Kim Yoonjoo. The ones that co-penned Queen Inhyun’s Man, nine times travel… And went solo with Duel.

    Please dramagods… Please make this happen.. Please please please…

  2. MGY is a very average actress. She doesn’t have the necessary screen presence to be a lead. She should stick to supporting roles.

    • @rake- I kinda agree I think MGY needs a bit more screen time before she becomes lead material however from seeing her in ‘Live up to your name’ and ‘Welcome to Waikiki 2’ she does have good comedic timing so maybe this was a reason to cast her opposite KDW. Who knows but kudos to her and let’s see how she goes. I just hope she doesn’t end up like WJA in MMS falling flat and being criticised for whatever reason. Anyways what happened to The Guest season 2???? When is that happening?

      • Yes I would trade this for The Guest Season 2 any day! I want to see the three of them back for season 2!

    • Moon Ga Young is actually a good actress who has been doing second lead/supporting roles for a long time, and has shown herself to be a far better actress than the person who got the female lead in at least one of her dramas.

      She’s put in the work and shown the skill to be a leading lady, let’s give her at least the type of fair chance before judging, that people gave the likes of Nam Joo Hyuk, Seo Kang Joon, etc.

  3. what kind of medical conditions are these? LOL. K-drama is really… LOL… hahaha… Talking about age difference for a romance drama, this one is hugh. Anyways, real age aside, in drama age, she won’t remember because of her “condition” including her DOB. She can be his Obasan… LOL…

    • The age gap between these two actors is of course irrelevant, since they are actors playing roles, and are both fully adult. It’s also actually two years less than the gap between Jeong So Min and Shin Ha Kyun

    • I am truly devastated ? for today’ news. He is my bias from that group. I’m a huge fan of them. 2019 is definitely the worst year for KPOP. I’m hurting.

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