Taecyeon Sends Support Truck to Kim So Hyun on Set of The Tale of Nokdu

Now that there is a new winner in the Best Onscreen Chemistry with Kim So Hyun category, I’m glad Taecyeon is sending some love to support his dongsaeng. Taec sent a food truck to the set of The Tale of Nokdu for Kim So Hyun, fully living up to his reputation of the sweetest of sweet dudes and also as a fond memory of their working together on Let’s Fight Ghost four years ago. They were so awesome together and individually in that drama but I didn’t ship them since she was underage then at 16 but I’m glad that their great working relationship continued in real life. Kim So Hyun is now 20-years old, 21 in Korean age, and her onscreen sizzle with Jang Dong Yoon feels like it’s coming at the perfect time for her transition to full blown adult leading lady. It’s even nicer to remember all the great roles and onscreen pairings she’s had especially one of my faves with Taecyeon.


Taecyeon Sends Support Truck to Kim So Hyun on Set of The Tale of Nokdu — 12 Comments

    • @sarah The Game: towards zero on MBC January 2020 FL is Lee Yeon Hee ah dunno much about her but apparently they acted in a movie together’Marriage Blues’ back in 2013. Lim Ju Hwan is co star. I want to watch this for Taecy and LJH but for some reason that FL is going to be a distraction and not a good one at that.

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