Secrets Revealed as Love Deepens in Episode 11 of The Tale of Nokdu

I have to thank KBS Mon-Tues drama The Tale of Nokdu for invigorating my love of K-dramas again. It’s been so long and this drama makes me count the days until Monday and then get sad after Tuesday, it makes me grin like a loon when I watch and then pout because I can’t have another hit right away. Episode 11 brought the young lovers a brief respite with plenty of interludes for romantic interactions – back hugs during work break and even a steamy sleeping together in the same room session that led to one kiss that was the precursor to more but for one little girl barging in. I also enjoy the court intrigue and watching Nokdu get closer to his king daddy and queen mommy all the while trying his darndest to reunite with his adopted family. Sigh, I’m sad so many original K-drama lovers have left drama watching these past few years because they are missing this gem.


Secrets Revealed as Love Deepens in Episode 11 of The Tale of Nokdu — 21 Comments

  1. I also feel like a loon while watching because I get so engrossed in the story and characters – agree 10000000000% percent!! 😀 The casting director/s chose the most apt actors and actresses for the roles! Such a great cast!!! I also adore the little girl Aeng-Du, such a scene-stealer! We still have a few more defining and climactic episodes but I feel this drama deserves another season!!

    • I am going to rewatch all the kissing scenes, dating scenes, and swinging scenes a million and one times until next episode hehehe I need Insulin, I’m not going to make it with all these sugar they’re feeding me hehehe

  2. I just love how progressive this show is! The underlying heart of this show is family, may it be bloodline or adopted. The biggest family is the female village. I hope it gets relocated and rebuild.

    This latest episode started amazing with the kiss from last episode and threw us even more kisses and romantic scenes that made me want to wash my eyes because it’s getting blinded with the many hearts in my eyes. Not only that but the story is still compelling with all the major players including the female widows/assassins still playing integral roles, not one character is neglected or wasted.

    So far well done writers!

    P.s guys check out the behind the scenes for the kiss scenes, it’s freaking funny and adorable.

  3. Agreed this is a surprise gem. I thought historian or flower crew were going to captivate me but no they’re disappointments, fools gold.

    There must be something in the waters of Korea because this show is so unappreciated, even internationally it’s not getting the attention it deserves. Well, it’s theirs hecka loss.

  4. Great drama. Everything perfect from the acting, directing, editing, to all the music… every scene is so captivating. Story is so full and very entertaining.

  5. I really like the couple. They’re so cute. I don’t want the usual angsty part in the love relatiohship, I just want rainbows! And kisses :p

    For the writing, I have some issues with the change of characters of Yul Mo and the King.

  6. Oh god Ms.Koala it’s like you stile my thoughts! I’ve been following your blog since I first discovered Korean dramas 15 years back. Not having many people to share my interests for k-dramas I have always relied on your blog for my daily dose of news and I have learnt a lot. But in the recent years my love has dwindled, i miss the old charm and this drama has given me that…. From the OST, to the palace intrigue and our OTP … It’s hitting all the right notes.
    I am desperate for the next episode, I can’t remember the last time that happened … The couple are just amazing but so are our villains,… They’re all giving such nuisanced performances. It reminds me of my first historical K-drama … Thank you PD and the entire drama crew. Waiting for next week ?

  7. While I like the couple, I really don’t like the plot. It’s messed up and over the place, inconsistent characters, like they making it up on the spot.

    • Just for reference, which characters are inconsistent? And why do you think the plot is messy?

      I think everything is flowing well but you’re entitled to your opinion

  8. A sageuk drama couple that is straightforward is so refershing. This drama has better kiss scenes than moder dramas these days. This is the most aodrable and balanced couple since weightlifting fairy. Their chemistry sizzles.

  9. Agreed. Same with me, it really awakens my love for kdramas that’s been bored for long long time. I am giggling, smiling like crazy, waking up early to catch it live, checking forum, bts, anything. I absolutely love this drama. I hope they get recognized even though the rating is low in korea. Amazing casts, pd, team, beautiful colour. Their hanbok colour, gourgeous. Must watch kdrama!

    • is 7% considered low? Mon-Tues dramas usually have lower ratings than Wed-Thurs. I think 7% is fine. VIP has started off good with 7% with good reviews. So I think Tale of Nokdu is well received by the Koreans in general. Just my opinion… I totally love this drama and I think it is excellent. International fans are all streaming it and I expect viewership is hugh considering all the buzz that those kisses have generated 🙂

      • Considering it’s a Mon-Tues drama, I still think it’s pretty high. At least we have the consistent 6% ratings, so I guess these are coming from the loyal fans of TTON. Though I know VIP has hit their highest ratings which is 9%, so I think Knetz also switched their taste in Kdramas, family drama has been quite popular today for Knetz. I think younger gens are the ones enjoying TTON. But there was this Naver article that although TTON and Extraordinary You aren’t very high in TV ratings, but the love they’re receiving is huge ^^. So that says a lot.

  10. I totally get you Koala when you said the original kdrama watching brigade is gone ,I miss the crazy good old Days when every one was hyperventilating over the crack k dramas ,many of us are lying low if not gone but this one pulled me right out of my kdrama slump
    I just adore this nokdu and dong joo so much ,I am in love again and it reminds me why I love kdramas
    I have butterflies in my stomach again

  11. I’m going to be binge watching this over the weekend and I’m excited with the fact I won’t have to wait as I’ll hit all episodes over 2 days. That said I need to break my sageuk drought so Tales will be it! Thank you for all the wonderful posts and up date articles. ❤️

  12. I’m still here! Sorta. Sometimes.
    So based on this post I watched the first few episodes. And I’m not bored? It’s not bad. So far so good! I’ll continue watching, which is saying a lot 🙂
    (Tried My Country for my hyukie but nope)

    • Hey there serendipity
      Continue watching it ,it gets super adorable and the leads chemistry is fabulous makes you fall in love with them
      Good to see a familiar name

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