Bags and Colorblock Fashion Dominate at Fendi Event in September 2019

I had this post ready and shelved it after the untimely passing of young K-ent star Sulli because she attended the event and it just felt insensitive to write something that involved her. The event in question is the Fendi showcase in Seoul two months ago in September 2019, which would be one of the last public appearances of Sulli but also had lots of famous faces decked out in the brand’s fashion and each sporting bag. I noticed the event because of the guys actually – Ji Soo doing his best Two-Face impression and actually pulling it off including a fanny pack/murse slung across his bipolar suit jacket, as well as Lee Seo Jin looking like a dorky nerd husband carrying his wife’s giant Birkin bag knockoff heh. Life does go on and Sulli looked so beautiful and bright at this event, her blond hair contrasting with her black skirt and top nicely.

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