Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won Confirmed for 2020 Time-traveling K-drama Alice

You know what, I’m actually keen on this casting and the interesting sounding story. Upcoming SBS drama titled Alice has finalized the two leads, namely Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won. I feel like they are just adults and the 10 year age difference doesn’t even bear mentioning in this particular pairing. It’s not a romance driven drama helps, Alice is about time-travel and the titular Alice sounds like a worm hole of sorts that allows people who encounter it to time travel. Joo Won plays an emotionless detective trying to stop the effects of people goes to their past and Kim Hee Sun is a time traveler who is dead but alive in her own past. I don’t know, it doesn’t have to make sense right now, let’s see what the screenwriter has in mind when Alice airs in early 2020.


Kim Hee Sun and Joo Won Confirmed for 2020 Time-traveling K-drama Alice — 6 Comments

  1. It reminds me of Faith where she disappeared in the present to live her life in the past. So I don’t think she’s actually dead in the present but alive in the past. Probably presumed dead is more like it. Because if she is not alive how could she even time travel to begin with?

  2. Kim hee sun career revibal is uust out of world. She was top actress in late 90s n early 2000s. Then for a decade she was like a has been and now she is top actress again. She is one of top endorsers in their 40s along with lee young ae ( disappeared for years but never lost her cf queen title ). Personally i find her gorgeous and classic beauty. And i loved her in the woman in dignity

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