TW-Supermodel Lin Chi Ling and Japanese Singer Akira Hold Taiwan Wedding on November 17th

This is certainly the Taiwanese celeb wedding of the year, especially with many recent star electing to just register their marriage and skip having a ceremony. Top supermodel Lin Chi Ling and her husband Japanese singer Akira (Kurosawa Ryohei) are already legally married after registering their union a few months ago but this weekend on November 17th the couple is holding a family and friends studded wedding in Tainan. Lin Chi Ling’s family is from Tainan though she was born in Taipei so this is a really family down home affair and must be wonderful for everyone. The couple also released a few engagement photo shoot pictures which of course are gorgeous since the bride is widely considered the most beautiful woman in Taiwan and her groom is equally handsomely considered by the Japanese. Congrats to the happy couple and honestly everyone is on baby watch for these two more than needing a wedding ceremony.

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