First Solo Stills of Chaebol Heiress Son Ye Jin in tvN Drama Crash Landing on You

While recent year K-dramas have branched out into fantasy, sci-fi, darker fare, and really a world’s away from the early 2000 dramas that launched Hallyu, upcoming tvN drama Crash Landing on You brings viewers back 20 years into the fairy tale world of the rich and improbable. Son Ye Jin plays a South Korean chaebol heiress who is determined to have her own success, so she launches a fashion brand and is her own CEO. A paragliding outing lands her over the DMZ in North Korea and she needs the help of Hyun Bin‘s NK army officer to shield her and help her get home. And of course he’s the love of her life because no one she’s ever met in South Korea or elsewhere in the world that isn’t the closed off North Korea will do. It’s so ridiculous and yet both leads seem to be taking it seriously and look amazing doing so, even here with Son Ye Jin wearing chair fabric turned into a dress.


First Solo Stills of Chaebol Heiress Son Ye Jin in tvN Drama Crash Landing on You — 51 Comments

  1. Son Ye Jin is drop dead gorgeous. Very beautiful. I like the design and silhouette of the dress but not the big floral prints. Better in all black or white. Is it a handbag or a clutch she’s holding? I can’t believe the producers can’t hire a better fashion stylist since this is a big budget overseas location shoots drama to be shown in international streaming app Netflix. Quick, ring the stylists from Her Private Life or Hotel Del Luna.

  2. My local haberdashery store had a closing down sale now I know where the unsold material went. And can we please confirm is it paragliding or parachuting they’re different as. This is doing my head in someone please advise.

    • Haberdashery is an excellent choice of word. I swear I have seen the floral prints somewhere in the local op shop too. I think it’s a parachute that got stuck in the tree from the video teaser.

    • The Soompi article said her character is the successful CEO and owner of a popular fashion brand. Highly regarded in her fashion social circles. This first dress shown is an ominous sign if her character is the Korean fashion queen. Please drama gods, don’t let her subsequent clothes crash and burn. No puns intended.

  3. She’s so gorgeous like a goddess, she can make the ugliest thing turn into a diamond. My beautiful queen. No one can beat you. Our Binnie must be the luckiest man alive to have her in a movie and drama line up. Watching the interview where Hyun Bin eyes is clue to her make my day. Omg Hyun Bin said she is the brightest star in the universe. ???

    • From Song Hye Kyo to Son Ye Jin I said Hyun Bin must have done something really good in his past life. Anyone who see Ye Jin can’t help but to fall for her.

      • Not to forget another goddess Kang Sora too. He just dates beautiful women then bye… Hopefully SYJ is the last one! Time to settle down, they are both at the right age.

      • Fourth time lucky I hope. There was Hwang Ji Hyun before Song Hye Kyo. Stop being so picky Binnie. Time to have your own family.

      • might be an unpopular option here, but why do people want HB to get married? Why does he need to “settle down”? It will be less buzzworthy in promoting future rom-coms and he may even be labelled as cheater if he ends up unhappily married and starts dating pretty women again… Just give him a few more years to play the field and churn out more juicy rom-coms… There are a lot more smexy bachelors in kdramas older than HB and why do people not asking those to settle down? Not a fan, just curious why people are so invested in HB dating news like the sports gamblers…

      • @candycane, I suppose some fans are mothers/grannies/aunties who feel settling down denotes a sense of maturity and stability in their child’s life and wish to transfer that affection to their fave actor/actress. This is a very Asian Confucian value, very hard to explain unless you are born and grown up in a culturally conservative Asian country. They feel affection for Binnie like their own son, hence the fervent wish for him to settle down and have little Binnies of his own.

      • @Kimchi Ajumma – I guess so… just like the Song-song shippers in the past. I don’t have such Asian value, I just find this way way too overbearing. Why can’t people leave them alone?

    • @candycane The reason was because he is the most handsome out of all. That’s why two of South Korea most beautiful and gorgeous of all times goddess Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin falls for him. Talking about the rest of the other actors are alright looking so they belong to all of those alright looking actress. Everyone wants him to be the real item with their favorite actresses. But Hyun Bin only have eyes for the most beautiful of all. Son Ye Jin and Song Hye Kyo are the goddess of korea that’s why it’s such big hype. No other actresses can come close.

      • I don’t think HB is the most handsome. Don’t force your taste onto me. I really don’t buy your so-called reason. I can name at least three k-actors (all A-listers, may even be more popular) just as handsome as HB in late-30’s and not married (and never divorced).

      • SHK is very beautiful. SYJ is alright looking, in fact very homey in my opinion. SYJ has never made to the top 3 beauty list of SK actresses. Again this is your taste against mine. Beauty is very subjective.

      • I am not mad. I guess I have gotten my answer, and the answer is there is no good reason. Shippers are delulu.

      • Actually Hyun Bin denied dating Son Ye Jin. So far he only admitted to dating Song Hye Kyo and Kang Sora. Maybe Hwang Ji Hyun as well.

      • As far i remember syj also denied twice dating hyun bin.. and her agency got annoyed after reporters keep pushing them.. to fellow hyun bin’s fans here and maybe some other shippers don’t you worry, i was following syj for decade and i pretty sure syj is someone whos not believe in marriage institution.. she keep telling that in her interviews..go watch their latest drama interview, you can see syj treat him like a good buddy..

  4. yass Queen slay it! I think she looks elegant and fabulous on that Dolce & Gabbana Floral Dress. Can’t wait to see more of her outfits.

  5. Haha most people who are disappointed here are Park Shin Hye, Ha Ji Won, and Han Ji Min fans. These actresses are way below to be in comparison to our Queen. The brightest and most beautiful star in the universe. People just don’t want him to settle down because it’s not their favorite actresses.

      • Hey why are you being salty here. Everyone has their right to Express their opinions right. Ou does the same too. Asked anyone and they will give you the same answer. Usually those that keep putting Son Ye Jin down is these three actresses fans. You’re one of them…lol…

      • But you don’t need to mention names!! What are you? HJM does not even bet an eye on HB. Not everyone like playboys. PSH is dating someone and HJW might have dumped him long time ago. My question is – why are you so thrilled to get HB married? Are you his mom or grandma? Whether or not HB is married does not affect my drama watching, in fact it might worsen his rom-com career by being married. So who cares if an actor is married or not. Unless you know him personally. Simple question. I think you are being too defensive for no good reason. I never understand a shipper’s mentality so I just try to find out. But you are just a wall.

    • Ha ji won is below song ye jin?

      How please ?

      Is in terms of beauty or success ?

      Ha ji won has had blockbuster films and TV series , she’s very beautiful and one of the most recognized K celebrity worldwide where does song ye jin even come close.

      Has song ye jin ever had a drama that hit 20 percent ? ?

    • Hahaha, so funny calling syj as queen?? I don’t even care about other actresses but you made syj looks like she’s desperate to get married with someone who doesn’t have interest on her at all

      • @Rosy Lol i also hate shippers, but what’s wrong if she calling her queen. Syj is box office queen so the nickname is valid i think ?

  6. Son Ye Jin is pretty and I look forward to this drama. I’m a fan of Hyun Bin but why do Son Ye Jin fans and shippers keep dragging Han Ji Min into these two Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin posts. You guys don’t have to worry about Han Ji Min because she doesn’t have interest in Hyun Bin. She see him as a friend and colleague only. Why do my girl get trash when she has nothing to do with this Binjin ship.

    • @melody im a fan of both syj and hjm and i also not understand why! Why do my baby girls keep got slanders like this . Shippers are crazy . Where did they come ???? They can have hyun bin for themselves . Syj wil not marry him or any guy . She never has any dating record before , don’t you get the hint shippers??

      • I feel you. These shippers are very crazy and scary. Especially when it comes to Hyun Bin. It’s kinda lame for Son Ye Jin fans to degrade Han Ji Min like this. If they are her real fans, they should know they’re making people dislike Son Ye Jin. All the best to both actresses.

      • @jennie, first of all, apologize for the queen title for syj, shippers made me irrational,haha..if ever you could share your views about syj principle to those crazy shippers, it will be great..and han ji min,I really wonder why do shippers need to drag her too? They would both end up as a couple long time ago if they want to..
        I am hyun bin’s fan, I too can’t understand why do shippers want him to get married and worst still, claim he is most suitable to their bias?? Can’t they just appreciate the drama and love them to be a couple on screen instead of forcing them to get married in real life???

    • @melody I have the same question too about why all these Binjin shippers feel the need to drop Han Ji Min name on every Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Crash Landing On You post. Han Ji Min is a very careful and low key actress who is very respectful toward everyone in the industry. She never had any scandals with any actors. Just some baseless rumors from people which were never true. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin can date and marry as long as they are happy. It It’s their business. It has nothing to do with Han Ji Min. She just happened to be in a horrible drama with him during his comeback. She did very bad in that drama but it’s not fully her fault. The writer and plot has a part in it too. His shippers and fans are ignorant. I respect her all the way. A very normal and cheerful person indeed.

  7. @kimster @Melody @Jennie – thank you for your comments. Shippers are indeed crazy!! I wonder who is the immature one here…@Sally! Seriously who cares if any actor or actress ends up getting married, except their moms. After marriage, there may be a divorce. We just want to watch a good drama.

    • Shippers are the scariest and craziest people ever. They are stupid to the point of talking down on another woman just like them for an oppa. I love Hyun Bin as an actor, but I would never want my favorite actress to be with a man like him. I don’t know him to criticize him, but it’s a no no. People just don’t know how to watch a drama quietly without creating fan wars.

  8. I guess (from my opinion) people want to see their favourite celebrities settled. “Playing the field” is great and all but him having a stable relationship and family would make fans feel like he’s taken care of and satisfied in life. Take for instance Rain, I feel so happy seeing the family man he has become, with his beautiful wife KTH and there 2 little girls (which he’s always mentioned wanting ). I don’t know what people are going on about beauty and comparing actresses, that’s just immature.

  9. @candycane I guess (from my opinion) people want to see their favourite celebrities settled. “Playing the field” is great and all but him having a stable relationship and family would make fans feel like he’s taken care of and satisfied in life. Take for instance Rain, I feel so happy seeing the family man he has become, with his beautiful wife KTH and there 2 little girls (which he’s always mentioned wanting ). I don’t know what people are going on about beauty and comparing actresses, that’s just immature.

    • I understand your point. But Rain has always wanted to settle down and get married because his mother died before his debut and he always wanted a complete family. Rain still lives with his father and he is totally a family man. But HB? When has HB ever said he wants to get married and have a family?? I don’t ever recall he has ever said this once, not even once. Shippers are trying to match make HB with another woman which is so far fetched and in their dreams will HB want to settle down because he is such a playboy. Anyhow, it is like comparing an apple with an orange here. Rain and HB are totally different characters. Rain will not do any rom-com but do you think HB will stay away from rom-com? Didn’t we read most of HB dramas are rom-coms (even that notorious MOA has some romance added in which was so not needed).

      • Hello, please don’t judge hb that way, didn’t you know he excels in action movies too, I can’t get it why do you hate hb so much,and comparing rain with hb? Did you know HB got good record in marine service, the most difficult service while rain was always said to have more holidays during his military service to go for dating?
        If you dislike the ship, carry on, but don’t say about hb if you really don’t follow him by saying he is a playboy??

      • @Celine – I did not bring Rain up, I was just chatting with @Misky since she brought Rain up in her comment first. I do not hate HB. But in my opinion HB is a playboy judging by his dating records. Fine if you don’t agree with me, we should just agree to disagree. But DON’T call me a hater!! You should read all the comments before you reply to me again.

  10. Wow someone here needs to chill. What a hypocrite and immature person you are! No need to get personal with their lives please. If you have nothing good to say then shut it and just mind your own business. Don’t judge someone you know nothing about. Get a life please.

  11. The dress that she wears is Dolce&Gabana, around ~$2000. IU also wears it once and Sulli also wears it once. Not many can pull this off and do it’s justice.

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