Kim Woo Bin in Talks for 2020 Sci-fi Movie with Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri

K-actor Kim Woo Bin‘s hiatus from his entertainment career is heading into its third year as he had to seek treatment for throat cancer back in March of 2017. There have been rumors earlier this year of his comeback but nothing materialized, though he reportedly has recovered from the serious medical condition. This latest casting news does have legs and sounds really interesting – Kim Woo Bin has been offered the male lead and is seriously considering the role for a 2020 sci-fi movie which will also costar Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri. Ryu Jun Yeol totally reminded me of Kim Woo Bin when he first debuted so this would be a fun chance to see the two smoldering bad boy types onscreen together, and Kim Tae Ri is just a winner for how she’s parlayed her high profile debut into a successful drama and movie career thus far.


Kim Woo Bin in Talks for 2020 Sci-fi Movie with Ryu Jun Yeol and Kim Tae Ri — 15 Comments

  1. I just hope he’s really fine. I wish him full recovery and that his screenings the next several years are all clean ( that’s the dangerous period for former cancer patients, isn’t it?). Best of luck!

  2. Even jun ji hyin has been provided the script. Jun ji hyun and kim tae ri in same movie? Just wow one is top actress of her gen and kim tae ri is new top aftress of her gen. Already have a blockbuster drama, many hit movies and top most movie actress of her gen unlike some fanbots on koalas who say their actress get better roles lmao. Keep barking! . This is big budget movie. Kim tae ri get such offers. Queen with older queen jjh will be just amazing !!!

      • Phew glad JJH gave this movie the flick. She’s so iconic I feel like it’s gonna take forever before she appears on screen again. Waiting patiently…..

      • No there is no rejection ye. Her team neither confirmed nor denied and she is thieves directors fave and has 2.blockbisters with him. One thing i know she will reject it only if she is second fiddle and she eill.never olay second fiddle to kim tae ri .. lets c what happens.

    • Ah she better not play second third or fourth fiddle to anyone in that case! @another abc Can you please reference your source that JJH declined the offer? The thought of a sci fi film for JJH is doing my head in I want her to take her time returning when the time, script and opportunity is right for her. Not fussed about the other tentative cast members.

    • Yes finally a real actress who has earned such roles with hardwork not bcoz of their idol companies and she is getting best movie roles. Biggest movies. She has a blockbuster drama too and she is good actress. Feel like 90s has finally an iconic actress in makkng

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