Song Joong Ki Spotted in Hawaii Vacationing with Family After Filming Space K-movie Victory

I feel like Song Joong Ki will always be the center of public and media scrutiny for the rest of his career. It’s hard to overcome both a hyped beyond belief shot into super stardom with Descendants of the Sun and subsequent even more high profile marriage and divorce with A-lister Song Hye Kyo. 2019 was a spectacularly crappy year for him with both the divorce and the big budget flop drama Arthdal Chronicles which his involvement in why it failed as limited to picking that drama as his comeback project. I quite like his performance as the darker guyliner twin. His next work is the 2020 sci-fi space movie Victory which finished filming earlier this month. This week he was spotted in Hawaii with family vacationing and that’s a great way to decompress from months of filming. Hope he had a great time.


Song Joong Ki Spotted in Hawaii Vacationing with Family After Filming Space K-movie Victory — 21 Comments

  1. He looks quite young in his recent update about his hawai pics. I guess the relationship became too toxic for both of them hence they both are glooming post divorce.

  2. Both SJK and SHK look good post divorce.
    Good for them to move on and restart their lives.
    There’s more to living…
    I just hope AJH and GHS can do the same.

  3. I don’t know what happened in the marriage between SJK and SHK (and neither does anyone else on this forum), but I agree with @sarah….they both look happy post divorce.

  4. I completely agree with Miss Koala’s statement. SJK will always be scrutinized for the rest of his career. After his meteoric rise at the top, any drama he will work on will always be compared with the phenomenal success of DOTS. That is the exact reason why everyone’s expectation on AC was not only sky high but also hyped to the max. That’s the downside of getting blockbuster ratings for your last drama, anything less would be considered a failure.

  5. I agree – BOTH of them look HAPPIER after their marriage ended. So I guess it was really not meant to be. Good that everyone is moving on…

    • So true. They seem to have moved on or at least trying to have some personal time for their own good. It is sad the marriage didn’t work out, but it is better to be free to live their life as they want to.

  6. I think the hallyu fever is taking its toll on these kdrama actors. It seems like most actors who suddenly experience meteoric rise like Kim So Hyun, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum and Song Joong ki usually take a few years of hiatus after experiencing intense popularity.

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