Kim So Hyun Attends 2019 Melon Awards in Black Gown with Gold Applique Border

Youth remains Kim So Hyun‘s weapon to overcome anything, and good for her in trying different styles. But her black ballgown at the 2019 Melon Awards is a total miss for me. The top is deep v-neck with spaghetti straps and looks the top half of a little black dress. Then the bottom is a full bown with lovely gold applique flowers the the two halves just don’t mesh. There is too little going on in the top half and too much going on in the bottom. But I do love the black color, too much white and blush colors in K-ent awards dressing and Kim So Hyun looks more chic in a dark color gown.


Kim So Hyun Attends 2019 Melon Awards in Black Gown with Gold Applique Border — 44 Comments

  1. I don’t like the dress too. Makes her chest glaringly look like washboard. Honestly, she’s still only 20 and theres plenty of time to go sexy, the time is just not now. Her hair is also styled like she just got out of shower and hasn’t gotten it blown dried yet. Dun like the make up either. Its dull autumn shades that suit a earth tone get up rather than black. Sigh… no wonder some knetizens are calling for her agency to put in more effort.

    • agree it’s not a good time to go sexy at 20 and definitely not a wise idea to put all cards on the table now (since some like breast augmentation later on). Probably not a popular comment, but I’d rather her show off her nice slim legs than to wear deep V with nothing to show. Reverse the order will get her further if anyone can get my humor.

    • Pure body shaming from obscure idiot netizens like you. KSH has a great body and there is nothing washboard about it. She has the most beautiful and appropriate curves. Sexy is a look she has always loved and flaunts whenever possible. The dress is killer and matches her aura and image.

      • ask the person who is wearing it. it shows on her walk and it is obvious. there is NO curves to show. this dress is at least 2 sizes too big for her.

    • Its not body shaming. It is what it is. Nothing wrong with being flat chested but no need also to emphasize it or tell everyone that. Dresses with such a low cut will ALWAYS incite opinions. Flat chested or busty. Live with it.

    • Eh I think it’s fine to be flat chested and wear a low necked dress, have you seen pictures of Kate Moss in a slipdress in the 90s? She’s flat too but considered a fashion legend.

      The only issue is the skirt, the more I look at it the less I like those gold appliques. I guess that was to make it look more like a gown and less overtly sexy, but the neckline looks fine to me (any good stylist would know to use double-sided tape to keep it secure).

    • really please dont badmouth her she is still very young and lets not comment on her body lets just admire her beautifull acting skills and support her she is extreamly talented and an uprising actress

      regards Ahn ri ru her long time admirer and fan

  2. I think the dress is just the right amount of sexy and elegant. No wonder she ended up trending on both Daum and Twitter. People fell in love with her style and beauty. She is one of the few k star who actually experiments with red carpet style and has great taste.

    • i agree i think it’s an age appropriate outfit its a little sexy without being too over the top celebrating what was a much more successful move into adultish roles (compared to radio romance). plus she looks fresh and her hairstyle actually looks great on her

    • Just the right combination of elements I agree. The dress is one of the best she has worn till date and she slays it like always.

  3. I think she looks great, her bob haircut and the low neckline of the dress look really modern and fresh.

    Glad to see she went with a different style instead of the usual princess dress young actresses wear, she seems to be experimenting with her style for a more grown-up look recently and looks great!

  4. It’s not my favorite look. It reminds me of her outfit during the press conference for Nokdu. She seems to be in the mood for the bare shoulder look since last year.

    • The look is great and KSH has always been a fan of showing off skin. She has been doing it since her LFG days. Her body and her legs are something she is proud of and loves showing them off whenever possible. She looks great with a sexy feel.

      • Most of all, she looked uncomfortable in it. From holding up the dress to her careful bowing, she was so self conscious the whole night. It even affected her usual way of walking. I doubt it was her choice to begin with.

      • if this is her choice, I seriously doubt her taste as a 20 year old. Looks like her great-grandma picked this dress, the flower, the heavy window-drapey material, are we back in the 1920’s?

  5. She has always been a fashionista and trend setter and now she is going for more mature looks which actually suits her. The dress is gorgeous and she looks happy and confident in it. The internet has been on fire about her dress and beauty. They love her.

  6. It’s me or some KHS’fans sound like they were part of sect about her… It’s pretty creepy. I mean I understand you want to protect an artist you like but people shoud be able to express their opinion without the usual “you’re wrong she’s perfect”.

    For the dress, it’s not bad but I think it could have been better, this dress is more for someone with more curves or taller.

    • Yep. While they go trigger happy calling people out to be body shamers, idiots. Probably have a fit when readers interpret their comments to be delulu. Its really annoying. I am a huge fan of kim so hyun but I dont have to like every show she does or call perfection on every dress she wears.

    • The comments here is kind of weird. What’s wrong with having a bad dress? everyone has that day. No one hating you when they said the dress is unflattering.

      • I think criticizing someone’s body is “body shaming.” Truth or not. Making comments about someone’s chest is overboard.

        Saying that someone’s dressing too sexy…
        That’s ridiculous. Is she attending a church service? Is she attending a funeral?

        It’s uncalled for and it’s not nice.

        People can call anyone style ugly or unflattering but when they call someone out for they body. That’s too much. That’s why many celebs have low self esteem because there are people who are critical of their physical looks.

    • Yeah definitely reminds me of Yoon Eunhye’s fans during Goong/Coffee Prince era. They’re so scary on soompi lol now that their actress doesn’t relevant anymore I guess they’re move on.

  7. Everything looks demure top half simple and classic KHS is stunning but then the black material looks very heavy on her and the bellowy skirt with yellow petals at the bottom too old fashioned …okay seems like they got sown up in a bunch with no real thought I would have preferred a pencil line skirt instead as she obviously has the figure to carry it.

    • Exactly my thought. The tailor of this dress also did a very poor job in sewing the top part and the long heavy skirt together… probably very cheap labor on the wrong design.

  8. She looks like my 16 years old daughter putting on one of my dresses. She’s just not ready yet, but she’ll be there soon.

    Anyway, it doesn’t even look like a proper dress. It looks like she’s wearing a top with a long skirt.

  9. Only KSH makes people jealous with her success since no other star is ever spoken about as fondly. Everyone and their parents love her and knetz have been raving about her style and looks and acting. Of course she is a goddess and she had the most amazing year and is the most successful and in demand actress of her generation so people will stay pressed as always.

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