Kim Hye Yoon in Post Drama Interviews Discusses Her Performance and the Roles in MBC Drama Extraordinary You

In the end the whole was so much of a mess the individual lacking elements just feels not as integral a problem. MBC Wed-Thurs drama Extraordinary You probably generated more commentary than its low ratings warranted because it was the type of cult hit that was fertile ground for new talent. It sucks as a female viewer to say the men stood out more and the ladies were the weaker links but that’s just how I perceived the performances. Kim Hye Yoon was the female lead and had the most acting experience of the entire young cast but this was just NOT the role for her to play. She would have been a much better fit for the webtoon version of Dan Oh, bitchier and cooler but the drama version with her aegyo and forced spunkiness just drove me bonkers. She gave the obligatory post drama interview to the news media and discussed how she enjoyed filming the drama with so many close age fellow actors but felt that she didn’t really dive deep enough into the three characters she played (stage Dan Oh, shadow Dan Oh, and sageuk past life). When asked if she wants to play adult roles after two high school student performances, she’s not going to intentionally break out of her image of a high school student and wants to find a role that challenges her whether adult or student as it may.


Kim Hye Yoon in Post Drama Interviews Discusses Her Performance and the Roles in MBC Drama Extraordinary You — 36 Comments

  1. I really disagree with this! She was Danoh! She was the best of all the actors. She was cute but not everytime. She could really balanced the scenes. Danoh in the manhwa was more boring when her version was so alive! I can’t picture any other actress to play this role. The way she could pass from Stage to Shadow was really impressing.

    When the other actors had to chosen their favourite scene, all the scenes had Danoh in.

    It was funny to watch the BTS because the other actors could hide their smile by watching her acting.

  2. This show would had done better as a short online web series than as a regular drama because so many of the episodes were just fillers.

    This show reminds me of Disney wreck it Ralph but wreck it Ralph did it better and did not focus on romance.

    Her acting needs work, a lot of work but she does have screen presence. So I’m sure she will improve over time .

    • They didn’t know what to do with the plot after the 6 episodes and it went downhill and never recovered. The acting was basic from everyone because there wasn’t much complexity in any of the characters but yeah her acting needs a hell lot of work.

  3. Naeun was great after getting awareness but Hyeyoon was terrible from start to end. The real winner is still Jaewook. The rest of the drama and cast are forgettable.

  4. Overall she lacks as an actor her voice is annoying and her acting is ott all the way. She basically ruined the drama while the boys saved it.

  5. Webtoon Dan Oh was kickass!!! Drama Dan Oh was a snooze fest and I blame both the writer and her for that!!! She needs to work on her acting a lot!!!

  6. EY is one of those overhyped cult high school dramas that coast on their flower boy male leads with zero character development and a vanilla romance. Not even worth a rewatch and if it goes down like all other flower boy dramas then in the future only one person will actually find real success. My money is on Lee Jae Wook because everyone else was disappointingly boring.

  7. She’s a wonderfully expressive actress, but her aegyo during romantic scenes with Rowoon was so grating. It made me dread their scenes together and not root for their romance unlike in the webtoon. Also, webtoon Danoh>>>>drama Danoh. I didn’t mind the writers changing her level-headed and cold personality into the bubbly version in the drama, but it’s annoying that they sidelined her character for Haru and made her too dependent on him.

    I think Kim Hyeyoon will be great in a more adult role. I actually want to see her in a melo but with Lee Jaewook this time lol.

  8. She said she would like to play characters closer to her age like a college aged character. In no interview did she imply what you wrote Koala. She did however imply that she does not have enough experience or fame to be choosy with her projects, it makes sense and she is grateful for having the chance to play Dan Oh. She was the heart of the show for me. I am not fan of Aeygo but Koreans love it so she went with the flow. Judging by how many times she was asked to reenact her aeygo, it is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Good luck to her. She will undoubtedly do well despite what a few naysayers have to say about her.

    • i don’t understand the intention to post hyeyoon interview (yes I know it’s her blog) when Koala obviously doesn’t like her and always complain about her acting, it seems like she just want people talk bad about her in the comment section *eyes roll*

  9. She’s good in emotional intense scenes like when the school trip she tried to pile up the stones. That’s the only time I teared in the drama. I don’t know whether the story or the acting but later, the crying scenes, didnt touch me anymore, I’m easily touched btw. I also quite disappointed with the drama especially after reading the mbc characters description. I waited for the evil jooda, depressed dohwa, and namjoo’s secret, but it never gets realized or just a little and forgettable.
    In addition, I personally think her sageuk accent is still awkward. But it’s likely a matter of preferance because technically I’m not korean.

      • She was given best actress for cultural award at
        27th Korea Culture Entertainment Award.

        Extraordinary you had strong social media buzz.

        I wouldn’t hold too much importance on the award tbh. It’s not really focused on the acting but more of hot topic at the moment. There’s not a list of nominees that they are competing or anything like that.

    • The best actress award she won is pointless and has more do with buzz rather than her actual acting skills which are poor. Rowoon won a Grimae for EY does that mean he is a great actor. Not even close and those awards can be bought. They both suck at acting and she has been an actor for over 10 years but can barely emote without shouting.

      • Actually she debut in 2013, so only 6 years but overall I agree with your sentiments.

        However I think rowoon is pretty good, it’s just that his character is bland on both the drama and the webtoon esp the drama. No one could do justice to his underdeveloped character. His character was created to be Danoh love interest period.

      • Woah woah woah. Koreans must really have the highest standards for you guys to be saying that her acting is lacking. I’ve been a drama addict, have watched lots of tv shows, musicals, theatre plays in my life and I find her performance good, sometimes even bordering to being great.

        I can’t wait for her next project that will earn her a “legitimate” best actress award. I believe that one day she’ll prove you all wrong. KHY fighting!

      • FYI Grimae Awards selected by director’s voting, when you said it pointless, at least directors have eyes to judge better than you

    • if Suzy can get Best Actress Awards, KHY well deserves a best actress award too. I am not surprised. Whoever creates buzz will be put on the stage, this is the SK policy. lol. imo KHY acting is better than Suzy. I am not bashing anyone here. everything is relative. I just don’t like the writer of EY!

  10. whoah! i dont know many of you (also you, Koala) dont like her acting skill. she’s good tbh, if all of you are annoyed with her voice, perhaps you can see Soo Ae. she also feels like her voice isnt acceptable to be ‘actor’s voice’and Knetz also critize her but she made it with her acting skill anyway!

    we shouldnt forget KHY’s 7 years experience as an actress is ONLY being extra. she just had 2 big projects, we can see her grow and improve her acting skill!

    anyway, she won Baeksang for a reason, right? 🙂 lets see her improvement, guys

    • Soo Ae voice is cool, deep and sexy. Totally opposite pitch to screechy voice. Their image is totally different as well. WHY bring up Soo Ae here? Why don’t you mention Suzy who cannot even enunciate? Argh ?

      • i guess we talk about her voice that ppl dont like thats why i bring soo ae because she used to has the same problem? why i should bring suzy with her enunciate problem? thats kind of different thing…?

      • people don’t like KHY pretentious aeygo with her high pitched voice that sounds very fake. her case is different from Soo Ae’s whose voice is naturally deep. no similarity at all. i guess all cases are different… KHY may be good to you but not to others. i am partial, she bores me in the second half. and to me, KHY is no comparison to Soo Ae’s scene presence.

  11. I honestly loved her and enjoyed her run as Dan Oh! Had me laughing when she went from stage to shadow during the crying scenes. I enjoyed every aspect of the drama.

  12. @candycane oopss i cant reply your comment. i guess im talking about the voice that not acceptable as an actor? yes KHY and Soo Ae have different color of voice but what i talk here about “the voice that acceptable or not”. and if you think that KHY bores you, then here you go maybe she’s not good enough for you but not others. as i can see Knetz loves her but yes it depends on ours as viewer, we can have different opinion tho.

  13. Wow reading the comments here almost gave me a headache. The drama was disappointing because it had so much potential.
    The source material had such a good plot. The first few episodes were engaging and then it was downhill from there which clearly showed the limited capabilities of the writer and actors.

  14. people be like “stop bullying” but post shtty comments like this? like are you all for real? okay, you want her to grow, well write it in a way which is constructive , not hateful. yall are nitpicking on her and thats for sure, goodbye, and koala, stop it. thank u

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